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Quick note from ME, 

OK lets see today I'm working on the visual arts pages, i have pretty much
all of the art stuff in there, just working on a more appealing design. Cause
that first visual arts page with just the hyperlinks really sucked! So how does
that little Design box look? I know there's some jpeg that u mouse over and
the other picture looks really sucks! trying to work on that i guess some time
Oh yeah and where did that Bio page go???? I don't know it just seemed
to vanish on me! grrrrr. So i got some work to do. I've noticed there's more
of u that visit this page than i knew about. Where do u guys come from i dont
know. So that's interesting, i think Anyways my email is
if u need me email me, or i have yahoo messenger that will work too! --Jessi