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    This exhibit was conceptualized after witnessing the "JUST MARRIED" exhibition at Hull House in Chicago. It featured photographs of same-gender loving people who were getting married in San Francisco. The complaint of a number of Black gay people at the exhibit was that they saw few Black gay people in the exhibit and those that they saw were only with white partners. As a photographer of African-American descent who is same-gender-loving, I felt the need to respond. This exhibit is a result of my commitment to highlight images of African-American same-gender loving people. It is a naming project meant to put a face and diversity on the larger Black Community. A presentation that is to be seen and lived. It is a movable feast meant to expand to include an even larger collection of images, videos, art, and voices of African-American same-gender loving and transgender people and their families. It is a collection that says we were ALWAYS here! Its main purpose is DIVERSITY and VISIBILITY within the African-American community.

    Title: We Are Here! African-American Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Images
    Photographer: Richard Lee Gray

    The Chicago-area We Are Here exhibit series has come to an end. Our heartfelt thanks to all of
    you who have supported our efforts over the last three years.

    Supplemental media related to
    We Are Here will be made available in the very near future.
    Please check this web site for announcements.
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