Marriageable Young Girls
The Bigot Ladies
There were three young Bigot women on the list of the  Filles A Marier:   Francoise, Jeanne and Marguerite.   They may have all been sisters; daughters of Jean Bigot and Thomine Chastel of La Ventrouze, Perche, Mortagne, Orne, France.

Marguerite was born about 1634 and does not appear to have followed through on her contract.  Jeanne was born about 1636 and married Martin Albert Almart in 1657 at Ville De Quebec, but the couple produced no offspring.

Only Francoise, born May 07, 1631;  put down roots, marrying Charles Giulbault on September 19, 1647.  The couple had three children before Charles' death on February 11, 1658.  Francoise would not be a widow long, marrying Denis Briere on May 08, 1658.  They had no children.  She died on August 08, 1706 at St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Quebec; and Denis on April 24, 1711 at Pointe aux Trembles, Ile De Montreal, Quebec
The Next Generation
Marie-Genevieve Guilbault - Was born on March 04, 1651 and died on January 21, 1709 ate Ste-Foye.  She married Sebastian Gingras.

Charles Guilbault - Was born on March 09, 1654 at Sillery and died on August 11, 1690 at Ville De Quebec.

Marguerite Guilbault
- Was born on June 11, 1656 at Sillery and died on December 15, 1729 in the Parish of St. Nicholas, Levis, Lauzon, Quebec.  She married Jacques Rousseau and the couple had seven children.
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