A Marriageable Young Girl
Catherine Gouget
Catherine Gouget was born about 1616 in Thury-Harcourt, Bayeaux, Normandie, France; the daughter of Leonard Gouget and Catherine Dufrencoyes.  She arrived in the Quebec Colony as a Filles A Marier, contracted to be the bride of Nicolas Bonhomme.  They were married September 02, 1640 at Trois-Rivieres.

Nicolas was born about 1603 in the Parish of Ste. Croix de Fecamp, pays de Caux, Le Havre, Rouen, Normandy, France; the son of Nicolas Bonhomme Sr. and Marie-Madeleine Guyon.  He and Marie would have seven children before her death on April 09, 1679 in Ville De Quebec.  Nicolas followed on August 07, 1683.
The Next Generation
Marie-Madeleine Bonhomme - Was born on November 24, 1641 and died on March 23, 1642 in Ville De Quebec.

Guillaume Bonhomme - Was born in 1643 in Ville De Quebec and died on March 14, 1710 in Ste. Foye.  He married Francoise Hache and the couple had twelve children.

Ignace Bonhomme
- Was born in 1647 in Ville De Quebec and died on April 21, 1711 in Ste. Foye.  He married Agnes Morin and the couple had nine children.

Marie Bonhomme - Was born on February 14, 1648 and died unknown in Ville De Quebec.

Pierre Bonhomme - Was born on April 23, 1650 and died on January 14, 1676 in Ville De Quebec.

Nicolas Bonhomme III - Was born on February 05, 1653 in Ville De Quebec and died on March 17, 1711 in L'Anciennes, Lorette, Quebec.  He married Marie-Therese Vasseur and the couple had at least three children.

Catherine Bonhomme - Was born on September 21, 1655 in Ville De Quebec and died on November 24, 1711 in Ste. Foye.  She married twice:  Jacques Berthiaume (3 children) and Mathurin Meunier.
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