A Founding Mother of New France
Francoise Garnier
Francois Garnier was born on March 16, 1604 in Coutran, Laferte-Gauche, Champagne, France; the daughter of Guillaume Garnier and Michelle Marille.  She arrived in the small French colony on June 25, 1634; possiby as the intended of Noel Langlois; who had been recruited by Robert Giffard as a ship's pilot (navigator).  They were married on July 25, 1634, in the church Our-Lady of Recouvrance, in Quebec; just the fourth Christian marriage celebrated in New France, and the first since it's restitution.  The Jesuit priest Father Charles Lallemant, performed the ceremony, and the couple settled down in Beauport.

Noel was born on June 04, 1606, in St. Leonard des Parcs, Normandy,  France; one of four children, to Guillaume Langlois and Jeanne Millette.  His sisters,
Francoise, Marguerite and Marie had gone to Quebec in 1620, but returned to France during British occupation of the colony.  Marguerite and her husband Abraham Martin, were also returning with their niece, Helene Desportes.

On June 29, 1637, after honouring their agreement, Robert Giffard, conceded to Francoise and Noel, 300 arpents of land in Beauport, just west of the Montmorency Falls, where Noel was also employed as a carpenter, engaged in farming and the lumber business, and still acted as navigator when the need arose. They would have ten children.

Francoise died on November 1, 1665; from an accidental wound.  There was a bit of mystery surrounding her death, taking place a day after she donated a parcel of land to the church,  and made arrangements to distribute her property to her children.  There were several legal transactions later; with regards to her estate; and it would be several years before the matter was settled.

In the meantime, Noel married
Marie Crevet, the widow of Robert Caron at Chateau Richer on July 27, 1666; several months after Francoise's death.

In June of 1683, he gathered his children together to distribute his land amoungst them.  He died in Beauport on July 14, 1684. According to the register: 
"NoŽl Langlois of approximately 80 years, deceased this day; in a state of Christian piety, after having received the sacraments of the Church and having carried out an exemplary life with the approval of all the parish."
The Next Generation
Robert Garnier Langlois - Was born on July 18, 1635 and died on June 19, 1651 in Ville De Quebec.

Marie-Francoise Garnier Langlois - Was born on August 19, 1636 in Ville De Quebec and died on August 14, 1687 in Levi.

Anne Garnier Langlois - Was born on September 02, 1637 in Ville De Quebec and died on March 16, 1704 at Kamouraska.  She married Jean Pelletier from St. Aubin, Tourvouvre, Perche, France; the son of Guillaume Pelletier and Michelle Mabille; on November 09, 1649; and the couple had nine children: Noel, Anne, Rene, Antoine, Jean, Marie-Delphine, Marie, Charles and Marie-Charlotte.

Marguerite Garnier Langlois - Was born on September 03, 1639 and died on September 24, 1697 in Beauport.  She married Notary Paul Vachon from La Copechagniere, Poitou, Vendee, France; the son of Vincent Vachon and Sapience Vateau; on November 22, 1653; and the couple had eleven children: Paul, Marguerite, Vincent-Laminee, Louise-Elisabeth, Marie-Madeleine, Marie-Charlotte, Noel-Pomerlau, Anne-Therese, Pierre-Desforchettes, Marie-Francoise and Guillaume.

Jean-Francois Garnier Langlois
- Was born on February 24, 1641 in Beauport and died on December 07, 1688; in St. Joachim, Montmorency.  He married Marie-Charlotte Belanger; daughter of Francois Belanger and Marie-Magdeleine Guyon; on October 19, 1665; and the couple had eleven children: Madeleine, Jean-Francois, Charles, Marie, Genevieve, Marie-Madeleine, Elisabeth, Pierre, Joseph, Clement and Paul.

Jeanne Garnier Langlois - Was born on January 01, 1643 and died on July 13, 1687 in Chateau-Richer.  She married Rene Chevalier from Jarze, Angers, Anjou, France; the son of Rene Chevalier Sr. and Marie Lucre; on January 09, 1656; and the couple had seven children: Genevieve, Francois, Jean, Guillaume, Michel, Jeanne and Marie-Therese.

Marie-Elisabeth Garnier Langlois - Was born on March 03, 1645 and died on November 18, 1696 at Cap-St-Ignace.  She married Guillaume Lemieux; son of Pierre Lemieux and Marie Berard; on December 15, 1669 in Beauport; and the couple had eleven children: Guillaume, Elisabeth, Pierre, Joseph-Pierre, Joseph-Noel, Francois, Marthe, Marie-Anne, Guillaume-Augustin, Genevieve and Joseph.

Marie Garnier Langlois - Was born on September 30, 1646 and died on January 15, 1687 in Ville De Quebec.  She married Francois Lesuiss Miville, from Niort, Brouage, Saintes, Saintonge, France; the son of Pierre Miville and Charlotte Maugis; on August 10, 1660 in Ville De Quebec; and the couple had twelve children: Francois-Xavier, Marie-Michelle, Francois, Joseph, Jeanne-Marie, Anne-Jeanne, Jacques, Jean-Baptiste, Charles, Jean-Francois, Marie-Angelique and Pierre.

Jean Garnier Langlois
- Was born on December 19, 1648 and died on October 21, 1690 in Ville De Quebec.  He married Marie Cadieux; daughter of Charles Cadieux and Madeleine-Michelle Macard; on December 05, 1675 in Beauport; and the couple had six children: Charles, Marie-Madeleine, Jean, Madeleine, Louis and Francois.

Noel Garnier Langlois - Was born on December 07, 1651 and died on October 08, 1693 in Beauport.  He married twice: 1. Aimee Caron; daughter of Robert Caron and Marie Crevet (his stepsister); on January 06, 1672 - five children: Francois, Marie-Anne, Madeleine-Louise, Agnes and Marie-Therese. 
Genevieve Parent; daughter of Pierre Parent and Jeanne Badeau; on December 02, 1686 - three children: Jean, Genevieve and Noel.
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