A Marriageable Young Girl
Marie-Francoise Morin
Marie-Francoise Morin was born about 1626 in  St. Jean du Perrot, La Rochelle, France; the daughter of Jean Morin and Jeanne Desnovets.  She arrived in the Quebec Colony as a Filles A Marier, contracted to be the bride of Antoine Pelletier.  They were married August 14, 1647 in Ville De Quebec.

Antoine was born about 1610 in Perche, Orne, France; the son of Eloi Pelletier and Francoise Matte.   However, he died soon after the wedding, drowning on October 03, 1647.  Marie-Francoise then married Etienne Demers on January 28, 1648 and the couple would have eight children before her death on February 24, 1663.  Marie-Francoise may have had a sister Claire, since that name also appears of the list of Filles A Marier, but she does not appear to have followed through on her contract.
The Next Generation
Marie Demers - Was born on May 31, 1649 in Montreal but died as a child.

Nicole Demers - Was born on November 18, 1650 in Montreal but died as a child.

Etienne-Jean Demers - Was born on March 01, 1653 in Montreal but died as a child.

Jean Demers - Was born on January 23, 1655 in Montreal but died as a child.

Etienne Demers - Was born on December 03, 1656 in Montreal and died on September 15, 1702 in Boucherville.  He married Jeanne-Francoise Menard and the couple had seven children.

Joseph Demers - Was born in 1659 in Montreal and died on November 30, 1728 in La Prairie.  He married Marguerite Guitault and the couple had five children.  Marguerite died in 1699 and Joseph then married Marguerite Perras with whom he had three more children.  He would be widowed and married twice more: first to Marie-Angleique Brunel and then Marie-Francoise Petit.

Eustache Demers - Was born in 1661 in Montreal and died on March 20, 1707 in La Prairie.  He married Catherine Perras and the couple had six children.

Francois Demers - Was born on February 10, 1663 in Montreal and died on July 19, 1717 in La Prairie.  He married Jeanne Roinay and the couple had three children.
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