A Marriageable Young Girl
Francoise Duverdier Saulnier
Francoise Duverdier Saulnier was born about 1638 in St-Sulpice, Faub. St-Germain, Paris, France; the daughter of Gilbert Saulnier and Antoinette Forchien.  She immigrated to the Quebec colony as a Filles A Marier; contracted to marry Pierre Lachapelle Lorrain.  The wedding took place on October 20, 1659 in Montreal.  Pierre was a master carpenter from Angers, Anjou, France and the couple would have ten children before his death on October 07, 1687.  

Francoise would be married three more times: first to Jean Serrain Roy on October 07, 1687.  He was born on August 20, 1632 at St. Etienne Du Serrain, Tours, France and died on November 01, 1689 in Montreal.  The couple had no children.  She would then marry Thomas Mortseigne Labonte, and when he died in 1696, she married Bernard Dumouchel Laroche.
The Next Generation
Pierre Lorrain - Was born on October 19, 1660 and died in 1666 in Montreal.

Jacques Lorrain - Was born on August 27, 1662 and died on January 27, 1681 in Montreal.

Jean-Zacherie Lorrain - Was born on July 22, 1665 in Montreal and died unknown.  He married Madeleine-Catherine Boivin and the couple had one son.

Joseph-Pierre Lorrain - Was born on May 12, 1668 in Montreal and died as a child.

Baby Girl Lorrian - Was born on February 19, 1671 and died the same day.

Elisabeth Lorrain - Was born on February 24, 1672 and died on November 04, 1680 in Montreal. 

Jean Lorrain - Was born on November 04, 1674 and died on November 30, 1687 in Montreal.

Joseph Lorrain - Was born on June 07, 1677 and died unknown in Kaskaskia, Illinois Territory.  He married a native girl, Cunegonde Lorrain  Nagdotieque and had a daughter Marie.

Francoise Lorrain - Was born on September 09, 1680 and died on February 18, 1750 in Montreal.  She married Michel Boivin and the couple had three children before his death on June 16, 1703.  She then married Charles Desery and they had a son Francois.

Francois-Louis Lorrain - Was born on December 10, 1682 and died as a child.
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