A Marriageable Young Girl
Genevieve Gamache
Genevieve Gamache was born on October 13, 1636 at St. Iliers, Chatres, Beauce, France; the daughter of Jacques Gamache and Jacqueline Cadot.  She arrived in the Quebec Colony as a Filles A Marier, contracted to be the bride of Julien Fortin.  They were wed November 11, 1652 at Cap Torment.

Julien was born on February 09, 1621 at Notre Dame, Le Mans, France; the son of Julien Fortin Senior and Marie Lavoie.  He had worked as a butcher in his father's shop in France and was promised a job with his brother-in-law, as part of his wife's dowry.  Julien and Genevieve would have twelve children before his death on August 16, 1692 at Ville De Quebec.  Genevieve followed on November 05, 1709.
The Next Generation
Barbe Fortin - Was born on October 21, 1654 at Notre Dame de Bon Secours, L'Islet, Quebec; and died on August 27, 1737 at Ste. Anne De Beaupre.  She first  married Pierre Gagnon and the couple had six children.  He died on August 10, 1687 and Barbe then married Pierre Lessard on April 16, 1690.

Charles Fortin - Was born in 1656 and died on June 23, 1735 in L'Islet.  He married Xaintes Cloutier and the couple had ten children.

Eustache Fortin - Was born in 1658 and died on January 23, 1726 in Cap-St.-Ignace.  He married Louise Cloutier and the couple had at least one child.

Jacques Fortin
- Was born on January 12, 1650 at Chateau Richer and died on February 28, 1730 at Baie-St-Paul.  He married Catherine Biville and the couple had eleven children.

Genevieve Fortin - Was born on April 08, 1662 and died on May 20, 1703 at Chateau Richer.

Joseph Fortin - Was born on May 15, 1664 at Chateau Richer and died on April 10, 1703 at St. Joachim.

Marie-Anne Fortin - Was born on March 01, 1666 at Chateau Richer and died on December 28, 1702 at Ville De Quebec.  She married Jean Picard and had two children.

Julien Fortin III - Was born on April 17, 1667 at Chateau Richer and died on November 22, 1687 in St. Joachim.

Pierre Fortin - Was born on May 21, 1669 at Riviere Ouelle, Kamouraska, Quebec, and died on January 04, 1756 at L'Islet.  He married Marguerite-Gertrude Beaulieu and the couple had fourteen children.

Louis Fortin - Was born on March 07, 1671 at Ste. Anne De Beaupre and died on December 08, 1687 at St. Joachim. 

Jean Fortin - Was born on June 10, 1674 and died in 1704 at Ste. Anne De Beaupre.

Marguerite Fortin - Was born on June 10, 1674 at Ste. De Beaupre and died on January 15, 1703 at Ville De Quebec.
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