Marriageable Young Girls
The Godin Name
There were two Godin (also seen as Gaudin), girls on the list of  Filles A Marier;   though they probably were not related.
Perrine Godin
Perrine Godin was born about 1615 in the Parish of Saint Thomas, LaFleche, Anjou, France; the daughter of Jean Godin and Guillemine Lemagnan.  She arrived in the Quebec Colony as a Filles Marier, contracted to be the bride of Francois Drouet.  The wedding took place on October 12, 1638 at Trois-Rivieres and the couple had one son, Francois. 

Perrine's husband died the following year and she returned to France, where she married Jean Brosseau.  That would have been the end, except that their son, Denis Brosseau; would later return to Trois-Rivieres, where he became a miller. He married Marie-Madeleine Hebert and the couple had eleven children.
Jeanne Godin
Jeanne Godin was born on July 25, 1624, in the Parish of St-Vorle, Chatillon-sur-Seine, Cote d'Or, Bourgogne, France; the daughter of Claude Godin and Marie Bardin.  She appears on the list of  Filles Marier,  but does not appear to have followed through on her contract, probably dying in France.

However, her brother Pierre did take advantage of the scheme and married Marie-Jeanne Rousseliere; also on the list.  He was born on May 17, 1630.
Marie-Jeanne Rousseliere
Marie-Jeanne Rousseliere was born about 1635, in Moeze, Saintes, Saint-Onge, France; the daughter of Louis Rousseliere and Elisabeth-Isabelle Parise.  She arrived in the colony as a  Filles Marier,  contracted to be the bride of Pierre Godin; brother of Jeanne above.

They were married on October 13, 1654 in Montreal but later settled in Acadia.  Marie-Jeanne and Pierre would have nine children before his death in 1685 at Port Royal.  Marie-Jeanne followed five years later.

Laurent Godin - Was born on August 10, 1655 in Montreal and died on May 01, 1737 in L'Ange Gardien, Montmorency, Quebec.  He married Anne Guerin and the couple had eleven children.

Marie Godin - Was born on April 19, 1657 in Montreal and was killed by the Iroquois on October 26, 1687 in Lachine.  She married Vivien  Ladouceu Magdeleine, who happened to be her mother's stepbrother.

Catherine Godin - Was born on May 11, 1659 in Montreal and died on December 28, 1746 at Pointe-Claire.  She married Carignan Solidier, Louise Fortin, and the couple had two children.

Gabriel Godin - Was born on July 01, 1661 and died on August 22, 1730 in Montreal.  He married Andree-Angelqiue Jean and the couple had thirteen children.

Madeleine Godin - was born on January 18, 1664 and died as an infant in Montreal.

Marie-Madeleine Godin - Was born on February 04, 1665 in Montreal and died unknown in Port Royal, Acadia.  She married Robert Henry and the couple had four children.

Pierre Godin - Was born on March 27, 1667 in Montreal and died on April 29, 1739 at St. Antoine-De-Tilly.  He married Marie-Jeanne Cauchon and the couple had at least two children.

Jean Godin - Was born on October 18, 1669 and died unknown in Montreal.

Anne Godin - Was born on January 10, 1672 and died on February 07, 1742 in St-Pierre, Ile St-Jean, (Prince Edward Island).  She married Pierre Ouestuorouest Martin, the son of Pierre Sr. and Anne Ouestuorouest, a Native of Acadia.
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