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The Hubou Migration
There were four members of the Hubou family to migrate to the Quebec Colony; all related as siblings or cousins and originating from the Parish of St André du Mesnil Durand, in Lisieux, Normandy, France.  They also had ties to the Heberts and the Jesuit Priest and Martyr, Rene Goupil.

Guillaume Hubou was born about 1604 and died on May 13, 1653 at Ville De Quebec.  He was the son of Jean Hubou and Jeanne Goupil, and married
Marie Rollet on May 16, 1629; the widow of Louis Hebert.  His sister Barbe, born about 1620; arrived in the Quebec Colony as a Filles A Marier, contracted to marry Jean Milloir.  The wedding took place on November 28, 1642; but Barbe died on October 31, 1651, without having children.

The next to arrive was Guillaume's cousin; Mathieu Hubou, who was contracted to marry
Filles A Marier Suzanne (Betfer) Bedford.  His sister Francoise would join him under the same scheme, contracted to Michel Desourcy.  He was born in 1625 at Sceaux, Antony, Paris, Ile De France, France, and the wedding took place on October 17, 1662 at Ville De Quebec.  They had a daughter, Marie-Madeleine, who was born on September 05, 1663 and died on July 16, 1711.  She married Andre Mufait and the couple had seven children.
Suzanne Bedford
Suzanne Bedford was born about 1635 in Gloucester, Angleterre,  England; the daughter of Gilbert Bedford and Anne Bonne.  Her parents, (or at least her mother), may have been hugenots in exile who moved back to France, allowing Suzanne to benefit from the scheme to colonize the small Quebec colony.
She married Mathieu Hubou on September 25, 1649 at Ville De Quebec and they would have nine children before his death on October 31, 1678 at Pointe Aux Trembles.
The Next Generation
Athanase Hubou - Was born on November 02, 1650 and died in 1665.

Mathieu Hubou - Was born on August 09, 1652 at Ville De Quebec and died on January 17, 1723 at St.François, Île Jesus, Québec.  He married Catherine Goulet and the couple had six children.

Jean-Baptiste Hubou - Was born on August 08, 1654 in Ville De Quebec and died in 1697 at Lachenaie, Assumption, Ile De Jesus, Quebec,  He married Marguerite Goulet and the couple had five children.

Genevieve Hubou - Was born on April 18, 1656 at Ville De Quebec and died on June 12, 1702 at Lachenaie, Assumption, Ile De Jesus, Quebec.  She married Julien Garnier and had one daughter Genevieve.

Anne Hubou - Was born on August 07, 1658 in Ville De Quebec and died on January 31, 1728 in Montreal.  She married Rene Sauvaget De Maisonneuve, a Soldier of the Carignan, and the couple had three children.  Rene died on November 25, 1688 and Anne then married Moise Hilarest.

Jacques Hubou - Was born on May 01, 1660 in Ville De Quebec and died on April 15, 1676 at Lachanie.

Nicolas Hubou - Was born on July 19, 1662 and died three days later at Pointe Aux Trembles.

Charles Hubou - Was born on September 09, 1664 at Pointe Aux Trembles and died unknown.

Madeleine Hubou - Was born on January 16, 1678 and died on February 08, 1678 at Pointe Aux Trembles.
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