Marriageable Young Girls
The Duvals
There were two Duval women on the list of  Filles A Marier:   Louise and Suzanne; though they don't appear to have been related.  Actually, the only Suzanne Duval I could find was from St. Sulpice, Paris, Ile De France, France; and married to Jean-Jacques Duverger.   However, they were married in France though their daughters Francoise and Suzanne Du Verger were legitimately marriageable young girls.  If there was another Suzanne Duval she did not follow through on her contract.
Louise Duval
Louise Duval was born about 1640 in Les-Granges-le-Roi, Rambouillet, Paris (Essonne), France; the daughter of Jean Duval and Jeanne Lorrain.  She arrived in the colony as a Filles A Marier, contracted to be the bride of Paschal Lemaitre.  The wedding took place on February 09, 1660 at Ville De Quebec. 

Paschal was born about 1621 in Champfremont, Mayennee, Le Mans (Maine), France; the son of Rene Lemaitre and Pasquire Edet.  He and Louise would have five children before his death.  Louise would later marry Pierre Juneau but died unknown.

Marie-Genevieve Lemaitre - Was born on February 23, 1661 in Ville De Quebec and died on December 19, 1708 at Ste-Famille.  She married Pierre Lezeau and the couple had eight children. 

Marie-Ursule Lemaitre - Was born on September 12, 1662 in Ville De Quebec and died unknown.  She married Jean-Baptiste Duval and the couple had six children.

Jean Lemaitre - Was born on May 18, 1664 in Ville De Quebec and died unknown.

Pierre Lemaitre - Was born on March 30, 1667 and died on September 04, 1667 in Ville De Quebec.

Marie-Louise Lemaitre - Was born on February 20, 1669 at Ville De Quebec and died on December 01, 1704 in Portneuf.  She married Jean Lelat and then Charles Chartier.
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