A Marriageable Young Girl
Madeleine Mullois
Madeleine Mullois was born in 1642 at St. Honoré, Blois, Chartres, France; the daughter of Thomas Mullois and Sebastienne Hebert.  She arrived in the Quebec Colony as a Filles A Marier, contracted to be the bride of Etienne Pezard, Captain of Garrison at Trois-Rivieres.  They were wed June 20, 1664 in Montreal.

Etienne was born in 1624 at St. Honore; the son of Claude Pezard and Marie Masson.  I believe he may have been a relative of Champlain's, since his title alternated between Sieur De La Touche and Sieur De Champlain.  Etienne and Madeleine would have five children before his death in 1695.  Madeleine  followed on August 16, 1704 at Champlain, Quebec.
The Next Generation
Jacques-Daniel Pezard - Was born in 1665 at Trois-Rivieres and was killed by the English during a siege of Québec City on October 18, 1690.

Marie-Madeleine Pezard - Was born in 1668 at Trois Rivieres and died unknown.  She married Joseph De Jordy and the couple had eleven children.

Marie Bezard - Was born in 1670 at Trois-Rivieres and died unknown.

Therese Bezard - Was born in 1672 and threw herself into the river while in fever from an illness; dying on August 23, 1702.

Etienne Bezard - Was born in 1674 in Montreal and died on January 02, 1723 in Champlain, Quebec.  He married Marie-Josephe Chorel and had at least one child.
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