A True Pioneer
Marie Crevet (1621-1695)
Marie Crevet was born in 1621 at Benouville, Bayeux, Normandy, France; the daughter of  Pierre Crevet and Marie Le Mercier.  At the age of 15, she signed a marriage contract to become one of the  Filles à Marier or “marriageable girls”;  the first single women to set foot in New France since its return from the English in 1632. 

Her intended was Robert Caron, an indentured tradesman of
Robert Giffard, and it's safe to assume that the Siegneur of Beauport, also sponsored Marie's voyage.
Though she could have backed out when she met Robert, soon after landing in Quebec, he must have met with her approval and they were married on October 25, 1637; at Notre-Dame in Quebec.  Not much is known of Robert Caron, other than the fact that he was born about 1615 at La Rochelle, son of Robert-Edouard Caron, and that he arrived in New France on June 11, 1636.  Because of a fire, all of his records were destroyed.
The couple would have seven children before Robert's death on July 08, 1656; at the Hotel-Dieu Hospital in Quebec:
Marie Caron - Was born in 1638.  She married Jean Picard and one daughter Louise.  Sadly Marie was murdered in an Iroqouis Raid on June 10, 1660.

Jean-Baptiste Caron - Was born July 10, 1641 and died December 28, 1706.  He married Marguerite Gagnon and the couple had eight children.

Aimee Caron - Was born in 1643 and died on October 4, 1685.  She married Noel Langlois Jr.; son of her future stepfather Noel Landglois Sr. and Francois Garnier.  They had five children.

Robert Caron Jr. - Was born on February 8, 1647 and died on April 29, 1714.  He married Marguerite Cloutier and the couple had twelve children.

Catherine Caron - Was born on November 23, 1649 and died June 14, 1725.  She married Jacques Dodier and the couple had six children.

Joseph Caron - Was born on March 16, 1652 and died May 5, 1711.  He married Elisabeth Bernier and the couple had twelve children.

Pierre Caron - Was born on July 11, 1654 and died June 26, 1720.  He married Marie-Michelle Bernier and the couple had eight children.

After Robert's death, Marie married widower Noel Langlois and the couple had one daughter, Marie-Anne, who would grow up to marry Jean Cote.  Marie died on November 22, 1695 and Noel July 14, 1684.
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