A Marriageable Young Girl
Marie Pavie
Marie Pavie was born about 1637 in the Parish of St Pierre Oleron, La Rochelle, Aunis, Charente Maritime, France; the daughter of Christophe Pavie and Madeleine Nadeau.  She arrived in the Quebec Colony as a Filles A Marier, contracted to be the bride of Jean Migneron.  They were married August 19, 1657 in Ville De Quebec.

Jean was born in 1630 at Mougon, Niort, Poitiers, Poitou, Deux-Sevres, France; the son of Pierre Migneron and Marie Guillemet.  He and Marie would have seven children.  Jean died on December 17, 1700 in St Francois Xavier, Ste Foy, Quebec; and Marie followed on May 15, 1713.
The Next Generation
Marguerite Pavie Migneron - Was born on October 23, 1658 at Ville De Quebec and died on May 12, 1735 in St Thomas Didyme, Joliette, Quebec.  She married Carignan soldier; Louis Balard De La Tour from St. Lazare, Autun, Bourgogne, France; and the couple had nine children: Marie, Marie-Simon, Louis-Pierre, Marguerite-Marie, Marguerite, Louis, Jean-Francois, Pierre and Augustin.

Elisabeth Pavie Migneron - Was born on May 10, 1660 in Ville De Quebec and died on March 19, 1719 at Pointe-Aux-Trembles.  She married Etienne Magnan from St. Barthelemi, La Rochelle, Aunis, Charente-Maritime, France; and the couple had eleven children: Therese, Jean-Baptiste, Etienne, Alexis, Michel, Catherine, Francois, Pierre, Jean, Marie-Angelique and Marie-Catherine.

Marie-Anne Pavie Migneron
- Was born on March 13, 1661 at Sillery and died on March 17, 1725 in Ville De Quebec.  She was married four times:  1.  Jacques Legrande from St Eustache de Paris, Ile de France, France.  2.  Jean Bredel from La Rochelle, Aunis, Charente-Maritime, France.  3.  Simon Briere from St Pierre de Caen, Calvados, Normandy, France.  4.  Jacques Morel from St Frond, Seez, Orne, France.

Marie-Angelique Pavie Migneron
- Was born on January 14, 1663 in Sillery and died unknown at Portneuf.  She married Pierre Legrand; brother of Elisabeth's first husband, and had a son Jean-Francois.

Jean-Abraham Pavie Migneron - Was born about 166 in Sillery and died on May 08, 1743 in Ville De Quebec.  He married Catherine Delpesches; daughter of Bernard Delpesches and Marguerite Jourdain.

Sebastien Pavie Migneron - Was born on May 14, 1668 in Silly and died on May 23, 1741 at Ste-Foye.  He married Marie-Catherine Trud; daughter of Mathurin Trud and Marguerite Gareman, and the couple had thirteen children: Francois, Marie-Catherine, Pierre-Augustin, Therese, Marie-Angelique, Marie-Josephe, Joseph, Catherine-Josette, Felicite, Anne-Angelique, Angelique, Marie and Marie-Gertrude.

Madeleine-Genevieve Pavie Migneron - Was born on June 22, 1670 in Sillery and died on January 06, 1725 in Ville De Quebec.  She married Jacques Laplante from Bollesan, Treguier, Bretagne, (Britanny), France; and the couple had ten children: Therese, Joseph-Jacques, Marie-Madeleine, Marie-Therese, Marie-Genevieve, Marie-Anne, Jacques, Marie-Francoise, Joseph and Jean-Marie.
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