A Marriageable Young Girl
Marie Pomponnelle
Marie Pomponnelle was born about 1630 at Longeves, La Rochelle, Aunis, France; the daughter of Jean Pomponnelle and Michelle Boulet.  She arrived in the Quebec Colony as a Filles A Marier, contracted to be the bride of Nicolas Petit.  They were married August 17, 1656 at Trois-Rivieres.

Nicolas was born in 1631 at Duguay, Daleray, La Rochelle, Aunis, France; the son of Nicolas Petit Sr. and Catherine Ancelin.  He and Marie would have ten children.  He died on June 26, 1697 at Vercheres and Marie followed on November 18, 1700.
The Next Generation
Jeanne Marie-Anne Pomponnelle Petit - Was born on May 29, 1657 and died on November 18, 1700 at Trois-Rivieres.  She married Jean Gauthier from Saintonge and the couple had thirteen children:  Charlotte, Catherine, Jeanne, Marguerite, Jean, Marie, Marie-Madeleine, Nicolas, Anne, Jacques, Pierre, Madeleine and Marie-Renee.

Louis Pomponnelle Petit - Was born on August 04, 1658 at Trois-Rivieres and died on March 12, 1728 in Boucherville.  He married twice:  1.  Marie-Madeleine Charles; daughter of Etienne Charles and Madeleine Niel, with whom he had nine children.  2.  Michelle Chartier - no children.

Marie-Renee Pomponnelle Petit - Was born about 1659 and died unknown in Trois-Rivieres.

Pierre Pomponnelle Petit - Was born on March 06, 1660 and died in 1681 at Trois-Rivieres.

Jacques Pomponnelle Petit - Was born on November 10, 1661 and died on December 20, 1661 at Trois-Rivieres.

Paul Pomponnelle Petit - Was born on November 01, 1662 in Trois-Rivieres and died unknown in Boucherville.  He married Louise Bissonnet; daughter of Jacques Bissonnet and Marguerite Collet; and the couple had fifteen children: Jeanne, Nicolas, Michel, Jean-Baptiste, Marie, Paul, Marie-Louise, Infant (died at birth), Elisabeth, Joseph, Alexis, Louis, Etienne, Jacques and Adrien.

Nicolas Pomponnelle Petit - Was born on October 23, 1664 in Trois-Rivieres and died on February 17, 1707 at Vercheres.  He married Marie-Jeanne Reguindeau; daughter of Joachim Reguindeau and Madeleine Haneton; and the couple had seven children: Paul, Marie-Renee, Marguerite, Anne, Marie-Josette, Joseph and Louis.

Michel Pomponnelle Petit- Was born in 1667 at Trois-Riveres and died unknown in Vercheres.  He married Marie-Madeleine Lussier; daughter of Jacques Lussier and Catherine Clerice; and the couple had ten children: Paul, Marie-Josette, Michel, Marie-Antionette, Christophe, Jean-Baptiste, Joseph, Elisabeth , Augustin and Pierre.

Marie-Gertrude Pomponnelle Petit - Was born on June 30, 1669 in Trois-Rivieres and died on December 23, 1737 in Montreal.  She married Nicolas Senecal from Bonueville, Rouen, Normandy, France; and the couple had twelve children: Marie, Nicolas, Angelique, Genevieve, Marie-Madeleine, Alexis, Jeanne, Suzanne, Marie-Anne, Joseph-Nicolas, Joseph and Jean-Baptiste.

Marie-Francoise Pomponnelle Petit - Was born on June 28, 1671 in Trois-Rivieres and died unknown at La Prairie.  She married twice: 1. Leonard Laleu from Bernonville, Guret, Creuse, France; with whom she had a daughter Marguerite.  2. Joseph Demers; son of Etienne Demers and Marie-Francoise Morin - No children.
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