Through Dangerous Times
Marie Soulinier (1631-1702)
Marie Soulinier was born about 1631, in the Parish of    Saintes, La Rochelle, France; the daughter of Eli Soulinier and Marie Foulet

At the age of 21, she made a bold decision to accept a contract as a Filles De Marier and be joined in wedlock to a man she'd never met. 
Of course marrying a stranger was the least of her worries.  She still had to make a dangerous ocean crossing, where she would be at the mercy of the weather, seas and possibly pirates; to spend the remainder of her days (should she choose to go through with the marriage) in what was reported to be a hostile land.

A brave soul, she made it safely to Montreal and on November 11, 1652; was married to Jean Leduc.  Jean was born about 1621 in Perche, France, the son of Jean Leduc Sr. and Cecile Le Chaperon; and had been in the colony eight years. 
Signing a contract on April 20, 1644; Jean had agreed to work for the Montreal company for five years, at an annual salary of 60 livres per year.  His occupation was listed as a 'spadesworkman', or 'cultivator', but his first duties were that of a pit sawyer.  Under the directions of foreman Gilbert Barbier, Jean was responsible for sawing up and squaring off the trees once they had been cut down, preparing the logs for construction.  Possibly one of his first job sites was the future Hotel Dieu Hospital, being built for Jeanne Mance.
In 1648, Maisonneuve began granting land concessions in Montreal and freeing some of the men from their contracts.  However, it was an extremely difficult time to begin work on your own land, with a shortage of hands and the hostilities brought about by the civil war between the Iroquois and Algonquin allies. 

So, though on November 18, 1650; a contract was drawn up between Maisonneuve and Jean Leduc for a concession in Montreal, it would be five years before the Leduc family was ready to begin building a home.  Much of their time was spent behind the walls of the fort at Ville Marie.
When he finally did take possession on August 20th, 1655; he worked in partnership with Jean Descaris.

These partnerships were common and necessary throughout these dangerous times.  With a population of only 200 at Montreal, there simply was little or no labour force, but more importantly, little defense.  Therefore, both could work together for the common good and take turns looking out for enemy attacks. According to one historian (Faillon):

"Descaris and Leduc indebted each other to build and share together the cost of a house and to clear ten acres of land together, starting with the concession granted to the first man and then, to do the same on the second man's land. It was stipulated between them that if one got sick before the ending of the work, the other had to continue the job without any compensation despite the sickness of his associate. After the work on Descaris land was completed the war having occured at the same time did not allow the work on Jean Leduc's land to be started. Jean however received the sum of 580 pounds from his friend Decaris for his good services."
The Leduc family would eventually take possession of thirty acres of farmland and a one acre lot in the heart of Montreal, with a house already built for them.  They would have nine children, all born in Montreal.  Marie died on September 2, 1741;  and Jean the following year on April 19.
The Next Generation
Jean-Baptiste Leduc - Was born on August 27, 1653 and died May 22, 1726.  He married Marguerite Desroches and had thirteen children.

Lambert Leduc - Was born on September 2, 1655 and died on June 3, 1740.  He married Jeanne Descaris, the daughter of his partner Jean and Michelle Artus, and they had five children.

Marie Leduc - Was born on November 24, 1657 and died on June 22, 1712.  She became a nursing sister at Hotel Dieu in Montreal; so never married.

Joseph Leduc - Was born on May 22, 1660 and died on October 22, 1745.  He married Catherine Cuillerier and had ten children.

Suzanne Leduc - Was born on December 21, 1662 and died on December 15, 1729.  She married Paul Desroches.

Francoise-Anne Leduc - Was born on March 14, 1666 and died in 1750.

Charles Leduc
- Was born on April 6, 1669 and died on May 30, 1753.  He married Agathe Desroches and had six children.

Philippe Leduc
- Was born on Oct 4, 1671 and died on February 8, 1755.  He married Marie-Catherine Carrier and the couple had five children.

Jacques Leduc
- Was born on April 13, 1675 and died on March 23, 1703.
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