A Marriageable Young Girl
Marie Trotin
Marie-Madeleine Triot was on January 01, 1646 in Bournezeau, La Roche-sur-Yon, Lucon, Poitou, France; the daughter of Jean Trotin and Madeleine Blanchard.  She arrived in the Quebec Colony as a Filles A Marier, contracted to be the bride of Michel Bouchard.  They were married December 02, 1662 in Chateau-Richer.

Michel was born in 1635 at Andilly L'Marais, La Rochelle, Aunis, France; the son of Clement Bouchard and Louise Brillard.  A younger brother Nicolas also settled in Quebec, marrying
Anne Roy.

Michel and Marie would have eight children.  There is a funny story about Marie Trotin.  In 1667, she was charged with the assault and battery of Nicolas Huot dit Saint-Laurent, Sergent de Beaupre.   Apparently she and three other women were accused of spanking the man.  All were found guilty and had to make a public apology on the steps of the Chateau-Richer church, as well as make an "offering" to the shrine at

Marie died on October 27, 1682 at Chateau-Richer and soon after her husband married
Suzanne Laporte.  He died on April 14, 1709 at Hotel Dieu in Ville De Quebec.
The Next Generation
Etienne Trotin Bouchard - Was born on December 25, 1663 at Chateau-Richer and died on August 12, 1738 at Riviere-Ouelle, Kamouraska, Quebec.  He married Marie-Madeleine Meunier; daughter of Julien Meunier and Louise Frost; and the couple had a daughter Marie-Madeleine.

Marie-Madeleine Trotin Bouchard
- Was born on May 21, 1665 in Chateau-Richer and died on November 21, 1755 ar Riviere-Ouelle.  She was married three times:  1. Pierre Dancosss from La Rochelle; a servant of Pierre Boucher, with whom she had four daughters: Marie-Madeleine, Anne, Catherine and Francoise.  2. Francois Cyr; son of Antoine Cyr and Catherine Belanger, with whom she had another daughter: Marie-Anne.  3. Jean-Francois Gauvin - no children 

Charles Trotin Bouchard - Was born on February 14, 1667 in Chateau-Richer and died on April 26, 1690 in Riviere-Ouelle.  He married Marie-Madeleine Dube; daughter of Mathurin Dube and Marie-Catherine Campion; but Charles died just weeks after the wedding.  They had no children.

Francois-Pierre Trotin Bouchard - Was born on February 04, 1670 in Riviere-Ouelle and died on January 20, 1754 at La Pocatiere.  He married Marie-Anne Vallier and the couple had four children: Marie-Anne, Madeleine, Joseph and Jean-Baptiste.

Pierre-Michel Trotin Bouchard - Was born on January 24, 1672 and died on March 08, 1712 at Riviere-Ouelle.

Marguerite-Marie Trotin Bouchard - Was born on March 10, 1674 and died on February 08, 1724 in Riviere-Ouelle.  She married twice: 1. Francois Dutartre - one daughter Francoise.  2. Guillaume Soucy; son of Jean Soucy and Jeanne Sauvenier - no children.

Gabriel Trotin Bouchard - Was born on November 08, 1675 in Riciere-Ouelle and died on November 01, 1731 at La Pocatiere.  He married Marie-Francoise Lizotte; daughter of Guillaume Lizotte and Anne Pelletier; and the couple had four children:  Guillaume, Marie-Rosalie, Joseph and Germain.

Pierre Trotin Bouchard
- Was born on June 08, 1678 at Riviere-Ouelle and died on April 11, 1717 in Grande Pointe A St Roche, Des Aulnaies, Quebec.  He married Marie-Anne Bourassa and the couple had a daughter Marie-Marthe.
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