A Marriageable Young Girl
Marie-Marthe Bourgoin
Marie-Marthe Bourgoin was born about 1640 in St. Louis, Notre Dame Parish, Paris, Ile De France, France; the daughter of Jean Bourgoin and Marie Lefebvre.  She arrived in the Quebec Colony as a Filles A Marier, contracted to be the bride of Nicolas Godbout.  They were married January 9, 1662 in Ville De Quebec.

Nicolas was employed as a Guide; born on May 18, 1635 in the Parish of Notre Dame de Berneval-Le Grand, Dieppe, Normandy, France; the son of Michel Godbout and Collette Caron.  He and Marie would have five children before his death on September 05, 1674.  Marie-Marthe would then marry Antoine Mercereau on July 11, 1675 at Ile De Orleans, but had no children with her new husband.  She died on December 19, 1682 at the age of just 42.
The Next Generation
Marie-Madeleine Godbout - Was born on June 09, 1663 and died on June 21, 1688 in Ville De Quebec.

Marie-Jeanne Godbout - Was born on August 11, 1665 in Ville De Quebec and died on July 08, 1732 in St. Laurent, Ile De Orleans.  She married twice:  Jean Baillargeon (4 children) and Rene Pelletier (3 children)

Nicolas Godbout - Was born in 1667 at St. Laurent and died on October 17, 1719 in Ville De Quebec.  He married Angelique-Marguerite Lemelin and the couple had sixteen children.

Antoine Godbout
- Was born on November 16, 1669 at Ville De Quebec and died on April 23, 1742 in St. Laurent.  He married Marguerite Labrecque and the couple had at least two children.

Joseph Godbout - Was born on June 26, 1672 in St, Laurent and died on June 17, 1745 in Ste-Famille.  He married Marguerite Manseau and the couple had at least one child.
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