Marriageable Young Girls
The Radisson Family
There were three young girls belonging to the Radisson family, who arrived in the Quebec colony as Filles A Marier.  Two of them were sisters; Elisabeth and Francoise Radisson, born at St. Sulpice in Paris, the daughter of Pierre Esprit Radisson Sr. and Marie-Madeleine Henault.  Their brother Pierre Esprit Jr., would earn a name for himself as one of the more colourful characters of New France.

The third young girl from the family to seek a husband in the young colony, was Marguerite Hayet, stepsister to the Radisson children; and daughter of Madeleine Henault's first husband, Sebastien Hayet.
Marguerite Hayet
Marguerite Hayet was born about 1632 in St. Malo, Bretagne; and was contracted to marry Jean-Etienne Veron, Sieur De Grandmesnil, from Liavara, Normandy, France.   The wedding took place on November 25, 1646 at Trois-Rivieres and Marguerite and Jean-Etienne would have three children before he was Killed by the Iroquois on August 19, 1652.

Marguerite Grandmesnil - Was born on June 1, 1648 and died unknown.

Etienne Grandmesnil - Was born on October 31, 1649 and died on May 17, 1721 at Trois-Rivieres.  He married Marie-Therese Morel and the couple had nine children.

Guillaume Grandmesnil - Was born on October 16, 1651 and died unknown.

Marguerite would then marry Medard Chouart, Sieur Des Groseillers on August 24, 1653.  Medard was a fur merchant, born on July 31, 1618 in Charly-sur-Marne Chateau-Thierry, Champagne, France; the son of Medard Chouart Sr. and Marie Poirier.  He was widowed from Helene Martin, daughter of Abraham Martin and
Marguerite-Genevieve Langlois.
The couple would have five children before his death on December 19, 1695; but he is best known for his adventures with her stepbrother Pierre.  Marguerite died on June 22, 1711 at Trois-Rivieres.

Jean-Baptiste Claude Chouart - Was born on July 05, 1654.  He travelled with father and uncle in Hudson's Bay for the French in 1682-1683 and died unknown.

Marie-Anne Chouart - Was born on August 07, 1657 and died on November 30, 1664 at Trois-Rivieres.

Marguerite Chouart - Was born on April 15, 1659 and died on June 22, 1711 at Trois-Rivieres.

Marie-Antoinette Chouart - Was born on June 07, 1661 in Trois-Rivieres and died unknown in Sillery.  She married Jean Benard Bouchard.

Marie-Jeanne Chouart - Was born in 1662 and died unnknown.
Francoise Radisson
Francoise-Marguerite Radisson was contracted to marry Claude Volante, Sieur De Saint-Claude.  The wedding took place in 1653 and the couple had four children before her death on October 02, 1677.  Claude followed on July 23, 1696.

Marie-Marguerite Volante - Was born on November 25, 1659 and died on November 23, 1677 at Trois-Rivieres.  She married Pierre-Noel Legardeur, the son of Pierre Le Gardeur and Genevieve Juchereau, and the couple had two children.

Etienne Volante - Was born on October 29, 1664 at Trois-Rivieres and died unknown.  He married Genevieve Letendre on December 09, 1693 in Sorel.

Jean-Francois Volante - Was born in 1670 and died on October 01, 1768.  He married Marguerite Godefroy and the couple had two children.

Nicolas Volante - Was born in 1673 and died on January 26, 1702.  He married Genevieve Niel and the couple had five children.
Elisabeth Radisson
Elisabeth Radisson was contracted to marry Claude Jutras and the wedding took place on November 05, 1657 at Trois-Rivieres.   Claude was born about 1630 in St. Severin, Paris, France; the son of Pierre Jutras and Claude Boucher.  He and Elisabeth would have nine children before her death on May 11, 1722.  He died unknown.

Marguerite-Madeleine Jutras
- Was born on August 08, 1658 and died in childbirth on September 25, 1677.  She married Amador Godefroy and the couple had two children.

Marie Jutras - Was born on December 08, 1660 and died on January 17, 1736.  She married Michel Poulin and had one child.

Claude Jutras - Was born on September 25, 1664 and died in 1680.

Pierre Jutras - Was born on April 10, 1667.  He became a Voyageur and died unknown.

Elisabeth Jutras
- Was born on August 28, 1669 and died on May 11, 1705.  She married Pierre Moete and had seven children.

Catherine Jutras - Was born on September 24, 1671 and died unknown.  She married Claude Crevier and had one child.

Marie-Josette Jutras - Was born on July 24, 1673 and died in 1724.

Francoise Jutras - Was born on January 15, 1677 and died unknown.

Jean-Baptiste Jutras - Was born on October 28, 1678 and died unknown.  He married Marie-Josephe Godefroy and the couple had seven children.
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