Marriageable Young Girls
The Roy Girls
There were two Roy (also seen as Leroy), girls on the list of  Filles A Marier;   though they probably were not related.
Jeanne Roy
Jeanne was born about 1626 in La Ville, Angers, Anjou, France; the daughter of Pierre Roy and Jeanne Godefroy.  She arrived in the Quebec Colony as a Filles Marier, contracted to be the bride of Jean Milloir.  The wedding took place on November 28, 1651 in Ville De Quebec.

Jean was born about 1616 in St-Leger-en-Charnie, Laval, Lemans, Maine, France; the son of Pierre Milloir and Francoise Candelle.  He and Jeanne would have three children before his death on October 30, 1672 in Beauport.  Jeanne followed on August 23, 1674.

Jeanne-Francoise Milloir - Was born on January 19, 1653 in Beauport and died on December 09, 1700 in St. Pierre, Ile De Orleans.  She married Francois Ferland and the couple had eight children.

Genevieve Milloir - Was born on April 06, 1654 in Beauport and died on October 08, 1712 in St. Pierre.  She married Guillaume-Pierre Paradis and the couple had twelve children.

Jeanne-Anne Milloir - Was born on March 24, 1656 in Beauport and died on December 09, 1700 in St. Pierre.  She married Pierre Paradis and the couple had five children.
Marie Roy
Marie Roy was born about 1639, in the Parish of St-Étienne-du-Mont, Paris, Ile De France, France; the daughter of Guillaume Roy and Germaine Berger.  She arrived in the colony as a  Filles Marier,  but does not appear to have followed through on her original contract.  She did however, remain; and married Pierre Perusseau on March 08, 1665 in Montreal.

Pierre as born in 1636 at Asnières, Charente-Maritime, France; the son of Thomas Perusseau and Denise Fourgeude and arrived in Montreal on September 29, 1659.  He and Marie would have a son Pierre, who grew up to marry Madeleine Hayot.

August 5, 1689; Marie Roy was captured by the Iroquois and never heard from again.
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