Sorting Out the Bourdons
Jacqueline Potel
Though Jean Bourdon was an important figure in the early days of New France, there is a lot of confusion over his personal life.  Some have even given him three wives (married to two at the same time), and attributed accomplishments long after his death.  However, in the days of early settlement, there were two Jean Bourdons, possibly brothers, who were both employed by the Company of 100 Associates. Jean or Jehan (b: 1612 and d: October 23, 1665) was an Attorney, and spent most of his time in France, while Jean-Francois was a Surveyor and former 'doctor' (barber at lowest end of the medical profession).

The first was married to Marguerite Legris, but only one son Jacques, would eventually settle in Quebec.  His wife and other six children never left Normandy.   As for this Jacques; he was born on June 5, 1645 at St. Godard Parish in Rouen, Normandy and died on August 7, 1724 at Boucherville, Quebec.  He married Marie Menard, the daughter of the Merchant Jacques Menard and Catherine Fortier.  Jacques and Marie had fourteen children.
Jacqueline's Family
Jacqueline Potel was born about 1606 in St-Illiers-la-Ville, Perche, Orne, France; and arrived in the Kebec Colony as a Filles A Marier; contracted in marriage to Jean-Francois Bourdon.  She has also been linked to Jacques Nicolas Gamache, but in fact, though he was married twice, it was never to her.  His first wife was Michelle Potel (possibly Jacqueline's sister or cousin) and second, Jacqueline Cadot.

These earliest 'marriageable young girls' (Filles a Marier) were usually relatives of the settlers already in New France, or the investors; and since there are two Potels listed; Claude and Jean; in the roster of the
Company of 100 Associates, it is safe to assume that they were related and engineered Jacqueline's marriage.
Jean Bourdon was born about 1601 in St-Cande-le-Vieil, Normandy, France and arrived in Quebec in August of 1634 as an employee of the Company of 100 Associates.  He would become the first engineer-in-chief and land-surveyor in the colony of New France, and the first attorney-general of the Conseil Superieur, established in 1663.

In the course of his career, he surveyed and laid out all the domains and assigned land grants; laid out the first streets of Quebec, drew up the plans and supervised the construction of the first château, Saint-Louis, and left a chart of the Beaupré shore and vicinity in 1641, and two plans of Quebec between 1660 and 1664.
Jacqueline Potel and Jean-Francois Bourdon signed their marriage contract on September 09, 1634; and the couple had five children:

Jacques Bourdon
- Was born on March 25, 1637 and died about 1688.  He became the Siegneur D'Autray and is known for his travels with La Salle.  He was one of the party of 23 Frenchmen and 31 Natives, including 10 women and three children; who set out on January 14, 1682 , travelling from Green Bay to the Mouth of the Mississippi River.

Genevieve Bourdon - Was born on November 24, 1638 and died December 13, 1700.  She became an Ursuline with the Mother of Saint Joseph in Quebec.

Marguerite Bourdon - Was born on October 12, 1642 and died on October 11, 1706.  She became a nursing sister at the Hotel-Dieu in Quebec, taking her vows on October 15, 1658 with the Mother of Holy John Baptist.

Anne Bourdon
- Was born on Augsut 29, 1644 and died on November 4, 1711.  She became an Ursuline nun  under the name of Mother of Sainte-Angès; becoming Mother Superior on June 7, 1700.

Jean-Francois Bourdon - Was born on February 2, 1647 and died on October 8, 1689.  He married Jeanne Jannier and had two children: Francois and Pierre.
Jacqueline Potel died on September 10, 1654, as the result of a fall, and Jean-Francois then married Anne Gasnier, Madame Du Vault.  Jean died on January 12, 1668, and there are two enties for his widow in the records:  October 19, 1668 tradesmen are hired to do some work at the Seignerie D'Autray at Lanoraie. This work is for "Anne Gasnier the widow of the Seigneur Jean Bourdon and the tutor of his son Jacques Bourdon the current Seigneur D'Autray".  September 9, 1669 in Montreal, witnessing a marriage contract:  "And Lady Anneh Casner, widow of the Lord Master Jean Francois Bourdon, formerly of St. Jean and St. Francois, advisor to the King and Lieutenent-Governor of the supreme council of the said New France..."
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