A Marriageable Young Girl
Vincente Desvarieux
Vincente Desvarieux was born about 1624, in the Parish of St Vincent d'Aubermail, Caux, Le Harve, Rouen, Normandy, France; the daughter of Jean Desvarieux and Marie Chevalier.  She arrived in the Quebec Colony as a Filles A Marier, contracted to be the bride of Pierre Gagnon.  They were married September 14, 1652 in Ville De Quebec.

Pierre was born on February 14, 1612 in the Parish of Ste. Madeleine de La Ventrouze, Tourouvre, Perche, France; the son of Pierre Gagnon Sr. and Renee Roger.  He and Vincente would have ten children.  She died on January 02, 1695 in Chateau-Richer and Pierre followed on April 17, 1699.
The Next Generation
Anne Gagnon - Was born on May 03, 1643 and died before 1666 in Ville De Quebec.

Jean Gagnon - Was born on May 03, 1643 in Ville De Quebec and died on October 28, 1699 in Chateau-Richer.  He married Marguerite Racine and the couple had twelve children.

Pierre Gagnon III - Was born in 1646 and died on August 10, 1687 at Ste. Anne De Beaupre.  He married Barbe Fortin and the couple had eight children.

Jeanne Gagnon - Was born on August 08, 1648 and died a month later on September 6, in Ville De Quebec.

Pierre-Paul Gagnon - Was born on September 05, 1649 in Ville De Quebec.  He became a priest, dying on April 06, 1711 in Beaupre.

Joseph Gagnon - Was born on December 27, 1651 and died on February 19, 1652 in Ville De Quebec.

Rene Gagnon - Was born on September 18, 1653 and died a few weeks later on October 7, in Ville De Quebec.

Marie-Madeleine Gagnon - Was born on February 10, 1655 in Ville De Quebec.  She became a nun and died on March 22, 1677.

Raphael Gagnon - Was born on April 04, 1658 and died on July 22, 1658 in Ville De Quebec.

Noel Gagnon - Was born on February 10, 1660 in Ville De Quebec and died on November 25, 1708 in Chateau-Richer.  He married twice:  Genevieve Fortin - (7 children) and Barbe-Delphine Cloutier (no children)
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