Wealth-Lab to IB Interface
This is a quick page I put together to provide some info on how I interface Wealth-Lab Developer 2 with Interactive Brokers for automatic execution.  Also contains sample daytrading scripts in the download section.
Brief description of the method:
The zip file contains the Excel spreadsheet modified from the original sample spreadsheet provided by Interactive Brokers. The original spreadsheet interfaces with IB though a DDE interface and conditional orders can be fed to the TWS based on the IB quote feed. For some reasons, IB has already removed the sample spreadsheet from it's website and is providing only the ActiveX based sample spreadsheet. My experience is that the DDE works better than the ActiveX version. If you want the original sample spreadsheet, you can download it in the download section. Anyway, the modified spreadsheet was originally developed by someone using it to interface with Tradestation. The connection between Tradestation and the spreadsheet is just a simple textfile. What I did was write a wealthlab script which can generate a similar textfile which is readable by the spreadsheet, and voila, the autoexecution worked.!!
Warning: The autoexecute function does not guarantee a profit. It can only help you take every signal generated by your mechanical trading system without you watching. The results are only as good as the trading system you devised.
Note:  You can check out new developments here.
You can also check out  Bracket Trader - the front-end to IB TWS
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