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Welcome to our Family Website, this is where you can find out all about Helen, Romeo, Stephanie, Zak, Jacinta, Julius, Zsabella, Stella & Zen!  It's 2007 and Steph is in New Zealand Teaching
Zak is doing a School based Apprenticeship at Charles Campbell Secondary School, he wants to be a Chef, Jazz is in Year 9 @ CCSS & Julz is in Grade 3 & Zsa starts Reception at Walkerville Primary School in Term 3 of this year.  Zsabella's birth was amazing,
check out her Birth Story and Birth Photos in the Photo Gallery.  Make sure you scroll down and click on Graphic Birth Pics...!  *Warning ~ Amazing & Graphic!  I'll have to do Stella and Zen's Waterbirths - one at the Birthing Centre and the other at Home and link them here, fabbo pictures and experiences! OH wait.....! My friend Marsha created a page for Zen's birth right here, I guess it tells a great story with just the pictures!
NEWS FLASH: We built the house and we've been here 2 years now, amazing how time flies.

Romeo is very busy running our family business "Immaculate Detailing".  We have expanded & in our 15th year now.  Romeo sure has been successful, he would have to be the best Daddy in the whole wide world, and certainly the best husband, we are such a great team.  It's a treat running the businesses together.

ON HOLD: Romeo & Helen also do "Personal Training" and "Fitness Programs" using Kick-Boxing, Stretching, Walking, Mountain Climbing & Tae Kwon Do techniques, as fitness and health are high priority in this family.  Romeo is now instructing kids Tae Kwon Do at Magill and training for his next Dan and running all of the Kick Classes while Helen has a break this pregnancy.  Helen is now doing Pregnancy Yoga, Pregnancy Pilates & Pregnancy Hydro Classes! (looking after my joints)

Zak is now a Blue Belt II, Jazz has gone back to Tae Kwon Do, whilst continuing Classical Ballet, Ballet Exam and now on Demi-Pointe doing Intermediate Foundation Classes, some Dance Competitions and Auditions.  Julz started Tae Kwon Do on his 6th Birthday.

Personal Growth and Spiritual Awareness are very important daily issues for our family so Romeo and Helen will offer a range of modalities to work with individuals or groups in a very happy, safe, relaxed and down to earth, environment.  We believe in going for the highest solution, cleansing our past, healing the 'inner child' and any old wounds.  Remember our bodies hold onto all those negative emotions and becomes toxic.  Breathwork provides a fast, safe, comfortable way of releasing these specific negatives from your life.  Breathwork is safe and pleasurable and back this up with Positive Affirmations and good Body Care and you are on your way to a very  happy, abundant, prosperous, healthy, successful lifestyle!!

We use daily Affirmations to enhance our lives and even the children join in for some fun with "Treasure Mapping" and learn great life skills with Goal Setting and Attitude of Gratitude Work!!

We are committed to our growth and the healing of man-kind, we are all here to bring about oneness and wholeness to this world.  We believe we are all Spirtual Beings having a Human Experience
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