Wear a Leaf is an informal, unofficial, and not-for-profit organization dedicated to making world peace a reality.

It is based on and inspired by the plan for world peace outlined in Bernard Benson's great 1980 work, The Peace Book, in which the people of the world all unite to show the leaders that they want peace.

How do they do this? By all wearing a common symbol of peace... a leaf.

"You must all identify yourselves, so that everyone can count you
and realize how numerous you are... Take a single leaf from a
tree, for a tree is life, and wear it on your heart for all to see."

It worked in Benson's book, and we believe that it can work in the real world, too.

So if you are committed to world peace, don't be afraid to show the world. Wear a real leaf, a paper leaf, a cardboard leaf, a plastic leaf, a foam leaf, a metal leaf, or a leaf made out of anything you want. Let everyone see how numerous you are, and how committed you are. Together, we can make it happen.

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The Wear a Leaf Poster (.html) - Print it out and spread the word! Better yet, design your own poster.

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Give the gift of peace. This holiday season, show a loved one that you care for them by making them a leaf pin. It will be a gift not only to them, but to the world.

Peace Child - a musical show inspired by Benson's The Peace Book.
"So Everyone Wants Peace, So What?" - a fascinating article by Donella Meadows. In fact, all the articles in this series are fascinating.
The World's Priorities - originally from the Human Development Report of 1998. Notice that if all the military spending in the world were diverted to other causes, it could cover basic education for all, water and sanitation for all, reproductive health for all women, and basic health and nutrition for all... Nineteen times over!

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"If the people lead, the leaders will follow."