Swallowing Shit

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People try to displace responsibility for victimization onto the victims. When confronted with the facts, people in the dominant society all of a sudden can't understand the relationship between what their grandfathers did and the fact that they are now benefiting from those deeds at the very expense of the victimized groups. They say, "We got your land, we got your resources, we got your identity, we got everything, we even want your spirituality at this point. Now with all that said and done, let's pretend it's a level playing field. Come on and get in the game with us. If you don't, then whatever happens to you is your own fault. You're just 'lazy' or 'shiftless' or otherwise 'inferior' and therefore deserving of your fate."

[A tribute to the late Canadian political instrument-destroyers]

[G7 Welcoming Committee Records]