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8-18-03  Hello Things Fall Apart fans.  I am Asad, youre guitarist, singer and humble narrator.  These next few lines will be an attempt to take you through Things Fall Apart's casualty.  A long time ago, a famous philosopher said that 'one can never fully appreciate anything until it is gone'.  How right he was then, and now.  As I exit this stage of my life, and move on to the next, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect upon Things Fall Apart.  Things Fall Apart went through numerous ups and downs from start to finish.  I will begin with a breif history of Things Fall Apart.  Things Fall Apart lasted for one year from summer 2002 until summer 2003.  Following the breakup of our old band, Uranium Cranium, Chip and myself decided to embark upon a new band.  Our plan was to play music that was slightly different from Uranium Cranium as were maturing as musicians.  We got a drummer called Miles, who goes to SOTA (pronounced 'soda') and we were all set to begin.  It started great.  We were playing well, we were enjoying ourselves and we enjoyed the music.  Soon after we began to play shows.  Our shows were going really well and we were playing quite frequently too.  However as time passed, the band grew weary.  A combination of lack of practice, a couple of band shows, going away to college, and shear exhaustion made the finale of Things Fall Apart all but a formality.  At the end of our high  school career we snuffed Things Fall Apart.  Things Fall Apart was a chance for us to grow tremendously as musicians and explore the world of music to a greater extent than ever before.  Most importantly, Things Fall Apart was great fun.  It was a change to escape from the harsh realities we faced everyday.  Finally I can say with the utmost confidence that I truly appreciate Things Fall Apart and Uranium Cranium; now more so than ever before.
4-22-03 We are playing the JCC on May 24th and the IHS gym on May 31st.
01-14-03 We are playing a show at the JCC on Feb. 22nd.
12-30-02 We finished recording our release.  It will be released, unless everything goes wrong, at our show on the 25th at the JCC.
12-24-02 Concentric is playing The Pound, in San Francisco, on January 5th, I think.  Which ever day around then is a Sunday.  Misaliance is playing some sorta party on New Years in Oakland.  You should all try and go to these things if you can.
12-14-02 There is a show at the JCC on January 25th.  We are playing with Fine By Me, Concentric, Kidmoe, Veil, and Hangman
12-02-02 We are recording our first release this saturday at Mile's house.  Hopefully it will have at least ten or twelve songs on it.  The working title is "In The Name Of Cosmic Justice." 
11-19-02 We recorded a primtive demo at Mile's house.  Plans for a better recording are in the works.  We laid four songs down, one of which was When Will I Find The One.  We're hoping to have something  sometime around Christmas.
We had two gigs in the same week.   Our first two gigs no less.  One was at a house party in Oakland and the other at the JCC in San Francisco.  We were better recieved in Oakland, but played better at the JCC.  In Oakland we played with Misaliance, a great band that we hope to play more shows with.  At the JCC we played with Outbound, our drummer's other band, The Social Pigs, as well as some other bands, the names of which I have forgotten.

And we have another gig on the 16th, check shows for more info.