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  This is no longer the Zeroed Out website, you will never again have to ex out that geocities popup that comes up everytime you click something on the page.  Also, when I say I put up links, they'll actually work now!  (in theory)  If you are seeing this page, you clicked an outdated link or your bookmarks are off, please change it to or inform the owner of whatever site you linked to this one from.  Thank you.
   See you on the new site!, Rob

  I just went to view the website, and for some reason only the banner at the top of the page, this news box, and "the band" loaded.  I had to right click where everything else should be and view the picture to make em show up.  Thats lame, I need to finally move this off geocities, and I think this weekend is the perfect time to do that.  So be ready!
   Oh, and also this weekend, Im going to make the thumbnails clickable, with captions for each one.  Weee
   Im easily excitable, Rob

  Gaaaaahhhhhhh soo frustrated.  We haven't gone to the studio yet, but we really will soon.  None of us know the day, and we probably won't until about five minutes beforehand.  Oh well, at least theres pictures up in the Image section!  Thumbnails for the time being, but soon when you click them they'll go fullsize.  Until then, enjoy the smallity
   I wish we were recording, Rob

  Well, its like 5 days until we start recording.  Mark the days on your calender, set the alarm on your cellphone, and call all your friends to have them remind you, if you call enough Im sure at least one will remember.  But then again, its not really the first day of recording thats important to you, its the last day, because then you get to hear it.
   Post on the messageboard sometime please, Rob


   I've been workin on the Music section of the website a little bit, and I've been gettin too involved in that, and totally neglecting the news updates.  Laaame.  Won't happen again, as said for the 52nd time.  Im at Ken's house at the moment, we just had a great practice, got a call from a friend letting us know about some shows that are up in the air, and as soon as I know anything (for real, anything) I'll let you all know right away, because our return to shows will be off the wall.
   So pumped right now, Rob