The Pharmacy fantasy football webpage has changed locations the new website address is the league login is jamos8 and the password is pharmacy to enter the league.  Please take a tour of the webpage to get familiar with the setup and they way it will look.  I have posted the rules for this season on this webpage below, please review and them and address any questions about them to myself.  Thank you and lets enjoy a great football season.  Also, once you get into the website to log on to your team homepage your initial password is password, you can change it to a permanent one once you log on to your page.  That way you can browse the website and get an idea of what your team page will look like and the options and features you will have this  year.


Welcome back to the eigth year of pharmacy fantasy football.  Last year the league was at 20 teams and this year we are looking at having 16-20 teams.  We had a great year with some new players in the league.  Congrats once again to the F.I.S.H. who stopped the Money Train from a repeat.  We will be holding both drafts online this year.  Some teams made it to the playoffs for the first time and more people won money.  Hopefully everyone will be back and we will add some new teams. 
The fee for the league will be forty-three dollars plus a  seven dollar comish fee.  The first five dollars will be due by 05 August to guarantee a spot in the league.  The forty-five dollars will be due by draft day August 23, 2003.  Once we have the number of participants we will issue the breakout of prizes.  The prize list and schedule will be handed out at the draft or emailed right before the draft.  There will be a pointís competition plus head to head competition.  There are other nominal fees that can be incurred, which will be explained later in the rules.  These fees will be collected on a monthly basis throughout the season.


Once again the draft will be held on Saturday August 23, 2003 time and location is still to be determined.  This is the most important day of the whole season and usually the most fun.  We will have two separate conferences with each one having a separate draft.
Short list of rules:
1. Draft order will be determined on August 2, 2003 with a lottery drawing.  We will first draw names to see who is in each conference, then draw names and numbers for all rounds.
2. There will be a total of eighteen rounds.
3. The drafting order is in reverse from round to round.  Example 1-6 in the first round will be 6-1 in the second. 
4. For all rounds there will be a time limit of two minutes per pick.
5. There are some questions to a playerís actual position sometimes and the final decscion is left to the commissioner and their guides.  The position that a player is drafted at is where he must play.  Example E. Metcalf if listed and drafted as a RB he must start there.
6. Tips beware of bye weeks.

The starting line up will consist of:
  1 QB
  2 RB
  3 WE
  1 TE
Rules on starting lineup:
1. The line up must be updated on the website.  The program will lock in you lineup automatically, depending on when your players play.  It is up to you to update your roster before the scheduled games.
2. If you do not have access to the internet, the lineup can be turned in by phone including leaving a message on an answering machine, in person but must be in writing or e-mail not chcs but to a home e-mail address.  And then I can update your roster for that week.
3. If your roster is not updated the program will start your active roster from the last week, which could include players on bye.


Throughout the season players get hurt or might not be performing at the level that you expect.  Due to this you will either want to conduct trades or free agent pick-ups.  Here are the few basic rules that govern these actions.
1. All trades must be conducted in the same conference and must be approved by a majority of the owners in that conference.  The ones conducting the trade will have no vote.  Also a service fee of a dollar will be charged to each owner in the trade.  Exception to the rule is all trades during the draft are free and need no approval unless its actual players and is deemed an unfair trade by the commissioners.  Like T. Davis for L. Centers.
2. You have unlimited cuts of players before the season starts, once the season starts all free agent pick up will be free due to the new commissioner program.
3. All trades must be conducted between Tuesday 12pm central time and Saturday 7pm central time.  If you want a player in your line up for that weekend make sure you trade with enough time for the owners to vote.  Also once a trade has been announced it will be approved or disapproved with in 24 hours.
4. Free agent pick ups will be conducted online and controlled by the commissioner program.  It is set up to let the lower teams pick up free agents first, followed by the other teams.
5. You can request to pick up a player before your pick up period, but if some one else can pick up before you and they request that player they will get the player. (once again this feature is controlled by the commissioner program)
6. There will be trades after week ten unless one of your players is injured.  When a transaction is made the injured player must be of the same position that you are picking up.  Example RB for RB, not a RB for a TE or Kicker.  Another exception to the rule is if you have two or more players at the same position and they both have been demoted from starter by their respective team you may pick up a new player.  Most likely will be at QB position.
7. No trades between teams after week ten no matter what, only free agent pickups.
8. Tie breakers for each game will be controlled by the commissioner program the criteria for the winner is as follows:  1st criteria is total reserve points, 2nd criteria is Highest Reserve player, 3rd criteria is total TDís scored, 4th criteria is total scoring plays, and last criteria is total offensive plays.
9. Dion rule- if you have a position player such as a WR and that player scores on special team or defense it will only be scored as special or defenses points.
These are the rules for the league if you have any questions please call me.  The rules are also online with the new commissioner program.  The website address is the league name is jamos8 and the password is pharmacy to enter the league.  The website is currently not updated totally due to the possible change of teams.  Also please donít forget to make you five-dollar deposit by August 5, 2003.
Jamos Wriedt
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