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Ok, so last meeting we started Fruits Basket. We decided to cancel meetings for a couple weeks because of midterms coming up. So, the week after midterms, we'll start again. Kind  of strange, we start a series just before we have to stop for two weeks. Anyway, we should be finishing Fruits Basket sometime in April.

FANFICTION DEADLINE IS APPROACHING!!! APRIL 5!!! (Please include a BRIEF description of the series you're writing from with your story. And I prefer paperclips to staples.)If it's not finished and turned in by April 5, you will be disqualified. DISQUALIFIED!!! That means NO PRIZE FOR YOU!!! By the way, what do you people want for prizes? Just so I know what to get if you win. If I win, I'll just keep everything for myself. If I enter at all.

I sent an email to Mr. Ghidiu about going to Tora-Con this year. Still waiting for a reply.

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