"Why protect them? Why miss them? Why love them?"

Name: Sesshoumaru. My favorite translation of this would be "The Killing Perfection"

Series: InuYasha

Actor: Sesshoumaru has two voice actors, one for his Japanese fans *which I love... so sexy* that is played by Ken Narita, and one for his American dubbed voice, played by David Kaye.

Birthday/Age: Well, no one really knows. I have heard he is suppose to be around 19 or early twenties in human years. But concidering he looked like his gourgeous self in some flashbacks before InuYasha was imprisioned for 50 years, he's probably really quite old.

Nicknames: Fluffy seems to be the most popular one. Though I don't like it and personally believe if he was real, besides killing any human in his way, he would personally murder and/or torture anyone to ever call him that. If I don't say his full name, I will sometimes call him Sess. I've also heard Sesshy, but that goes along with Fluffy in my book.

Description: Take a look my friend at the gorgeousness that is this Lord Sesshoumaru. Because of his long white hair and fairish complexion he is often mistaken on first glance for being female, but he is definatly male. He is a youkai, or a full dog demon. He is InuYasha's older brother and that he is known by, that and the fierce rivalry between them. His personality seems to very calm and serene. He rarely ever shows emotion, it's always this blank glare that holds so much deeper meaning. Mostly though, you are going to die!

Interesting Facts: Like I said, he is InuYasha's older half-brother. They had different mothers but the same father. We will learn more about this whole family in the third movie, whenever it's get around to being available here. Also he has two companions; Jaken, a little green demon thing, and Rin, a human child who cared for Sesshoumaru and who he *being the kind youkai that he is* used his sword to bring her back to life after she was killed by wolves. The three of them are always traveling together. Sesshoumaru seems to really care for Rin, because he has saved her on several occassions.

Why is he a lustee?: When first watching InuYasha, he was the first character for me to be taken to. His voice and his whole mysterious demeanor just gave me chills ^.^

Fellow Lusters: Gary. Definatly Gary. She can be quite possessive of Sesshoumaru. One of my sister's friends, Rin, is also taken by this hunk of goodness. Along with a HUGE amount of girls around the world... them too!

Owner: *ponders* How I wish... No the real owner is, the one, the only, Takahashi Rumiko.


Sesshoumaru and InuYasha, one of the greatest sibling rivalry of all time.. and definitely the one with the hottest men! Sess FAN! Sesshoumaru and Rin! aww! InuYasha fan!

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