"Give her hell from us Peeves"

Name: Fred Weasley. One of the infamous Weasley twins and Ron's older brother.

Series: Harry Potter

Actor: James Phelps. He's one of the floating heads, not sure which. My educated guess is over the one I labeled 'Fred' but you never know. He is played Fred in all three Harry Potter movies.

Birthday/Age: His birthday is April 1st. What a conincidence? Fred and his twin brother George are currently 18ish in the series as of book 5. They are probably 19 now. They are two years older then Ron, one of the trio in the series.

Nicknames: Gred and Forge.

Description: Fred is a prankster through and through. Him and George have been experimenting with magical jokes forever. He is a tall red haired freckled Weasly child. He never made prefect and only gained three OWLs but as we readers see is really quite brilliant do to the amazing gag gifts aka Weasley's Wizard Wheezes.

Interesting Facts: George and him left there last year of scool early to start a joke shop. He is one of the most loved characters in Harry Potter. He is the fourth or fifth *depending on birth order* of the weasly children. OH! He was also one of the Gryffindor Beaters on teh Quidditch team.

Why is he a lustee?: Like I said before, Fred is brilliant! He is sexy on paper and sexy in person!

Fellow Lusters: Well, there are James Phelps lusters *see link*, there are Fred Weasly lusters, and there are those who lust after both. I know Mina is a big fan. So Mina makes this list!

Owner: James owns himself. Although there are probably so many girls who would love to own him...me included and Fred Weasley is owned by none other then JK Rowling.

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