"Don't you even think of following us, you bastards!"

Name: InuYasha

Series: Believe it or not, InuYasha!

Actor: The series is animated, just incase you did not already know. It's Japanese so there would be two voice actors in this category. The Japanese voice actor(my choice) is Kappei Yamaguchi. The American voice actor would be Richard Cox.

Birthday/Age: No one knows his exact age, although in human years he is supposedly 15. I don't have a problem with that...

Nicknames: My friends and I call him Inu or Yasha, but I think if anyone ever said that to him in person, they wouldn't have neough time left to live to apologise. There is one nickname though that is present in the series, well it's more of an insult then a nickname but here is anyway.Inu-Kurro, give to him, with all his love from Kouga-kun.

Description: InuYahsa is a quick tempered, foul mouth, arrogant hanyou(aka half-demon *dog*, half-human). But that's why we love him. He's got long white/silver hair and pericing golden eyes. Claws, fangs, super strength, and the cutest irresistable dog ears come along with the hanyou package. But, along with all the cool stuff, comes his one night of humaness. On the night of the new moon, InuYasha turns into a black haired hot human, minus all of the afore mentioned perks of being half-youkai.

Interesting Facts: Well for starters he was pinned to a tree in a death like state for 50 years by the one he loved. Kikyo was a priestess guarding the famous Shikon no Tama. The jewel had the power to turn our lustee into a full human or a full youkai. Long story short, Kagome comes into the picture, frees him, breaks the jewel and now there on a never ending quest with their companions to gether it together again. InuYasha has feelings now both for Kagome (yay!) and for the reincarnated clay pot, Kikyo.
He is held captive by a rosary worn around his neck. Any time Kagome says the word "sit" InuYasha goes plummiting into the ground, face first.
InuYasha also has an older half brother, Sesshoumaru, with whom he is mortal enemies with. He is also mortal enemies with Naraku, one who caused a whole crap load of trouble in his life. Other then that, InuYasha is pretty much enemies with anyone who gets in his way.

Fellow Lusters: I jumped on the Inu Lust bandwagon quite late. The origional luster would be Bunny, of course, but as soon as Mo was introduced to this doggie, Buns had company in half a second. My little sister also likes to think she has claims on this lustee.

Owner: Takahashi Rumiko, not me, again. Geeze, why don't I own any of these people!

Sesshoumaru and InuYasha, one of the greatest sibling rivalry of all time.. and definitely the one with the hottest men!
InuYasha fan!

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