Name: Meriadoc Brandybuck

Series: The Lord of the Rings

Actor: The oh so sexy, Dominic Monaghan *spelled that right on my first try yay!*

Birthday/Age: This lovely little hobbit was born in the year 2982 in the third age.

Nicknames/Other names: Upon doing research, I found he had more names then I thought he did. Merry and Meriadoc the Magnificent I have heard. Holdwine, Master Holbytla, Master Perian are all curdosy of TORN and I don't remember hearing them *shrugs*

Description: Pippin and Merry claim the spots as the tallest hobbits ever at 4.5 feet. He also had thick, curly hair, and big hairy feet.

Interesting Facts: Merry was one of four hobbits in the Fellowship of the Ring. Pippin and Merry traveled with Treebeard the Ent and were part of the capturing of Isengaurd. He swore his loyalty to Theoden, King of Rohan, and fought in the War of the Ring with the disguised Eowen, Princess of Rohan. After suffreing a serious injury in the Battle of Pelenore Fields, he was healed by Aragorn. Merry was made a knight of Rohan. He helped considerable with reclaiming the Shire and was made Master of Buckland after the death of his father. He married Estella Boldger and had no children.

Why is he a lustee?: You have gotta love Merry, book and movie version. Not only is he a cute little hobbit, he grows a lot over the course of the series. *huggles*

Fellow Lusters: Mo again of course, and Rose. I am sure there is a following somewhere that I have yet to come upon.

Owner: Merry is property of the genius JRR Tolkien who created him. All hail the god of fantasy! Dom owns himself, but I wouldn't mind owning him for a night...


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