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Welcome to WeatherMax! Where you can find tropical weather information on the Atlantic Basin. Included are National Hurricane Center statements on current tropical conditions, satellite images, forecasts, tracking maps, radar from coastal sites, and general hurricane information to learn how these storms form and strengthen. Also included will be any news related to hurricanes and/or tropical systems.

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What's Happening...
The 2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season begins June 1st. Now is the time to get prepared.

- WeatherMax

TropTrack is Now Available!!

TropTrack, my hurricane tracking software for the Atlantic basin, is now ready. You can find out more about this program by going to the TropTrack Homepage.

As September 2, 2000, this site no longer covers eastern Pacific basin storms unless they threaten land. I am concentrating my software I am developing, and therefore this site, to the Atlantic Basin from this time on.
For coverage outside this site's zone, there will be links at the top of the links page to the centers for storm forecasts in whatever region there is active storms. Also, there will be a link to any storm information about landfalling storms on this page.
Watch for the New!! icon as I improve this site. Please stay tuned!

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