Zeus' Story
This website is here to allow anyone who wishes to read all about Zeus, a character created on the EscapeVelocity: Nova webboards at www.AmbrosiaSW.com

It should be noted that Escape Velocity: Nova is the property of ATMOS, Matt Burch, and AmbrosiaSW, and all references to Nova-specific materials are their property.  Most of the story that follows belongs to me, except for a few places where I've included other people's material as it pertains to my characters.

UPDATE (2/1/05):  This site has somewhat languished of late.  While I have re-read everything that I wrote here, and came up with many good ideas for revisions, my enthusiasm for these writings has still been somewhat lacking.  Currently my time is devoted to my wife, looking for a job, and writing a (series of) book(s), in that order.  If I was to simply just sit down and redo everything here to make work better I could, but it would be time consuming, and time is something that I don't have.  Still, I've added a link to the rest of the bar pages, so that's all well and good.  Zeus appeared first in Bright Star Station, continued through Slum Sector 236:  Castle Pup, and died towards the end of Thorin Station.  I have some posts in Eversor Station that started a new set of characters, but I was interrupted in the middle of the bar and eventually had to discontinue that story.  I >may< try to update this website to include those as well.

One final warning, the story that follows is simply a conglomeration of all my posts in the webboards, and as such is somewhat fragmented, and things may not always make the most sense.  (also, I'm sure there are a few storyline inconsistences and spelling/grammar errors, which I will eventually get ironed out)

Zeus' Story:
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