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Weatherly in action
  Phuket (Thailand)

Ulu Deniz, Southern Turkey
Ulu Deniz (Turkey)

stilt village in Phang Nga bay, Thailand      
Fishing Village

Hello, I'm Steve Brady, an Australian with a passion for sailing and travelling.

In 1990, I backpacked through Europe and saw some yachts anchored in Olu Deniz, in Southern Turkey. It was such a beautiful place that I thought it would be great to sail there some day.

Later in my travels, I revisited the Amalphi coast, in Italy, where my parents took me to in a campervan trip as a boy.
The coastline has dramatic, sheer cliffs plunging to a deep blue seas, and breathtaking views over a vast horizon. Buses honk their horns when negotiating tight corners and wind their way down to romantic fishing villages.

When in Amalphi, I wrote on the back of a postcard, that my dream is to sail there one day from Australia.

In May 1995 I bought a steel cutter, Weatherly, for this purpose. In 1998 I sailed her from Sydney to Thailand, on a fantastic 12 months cruise.

After several years in Malaysia and Thailand and working in Sydney I continued on Weatherly across the Indian Ocean, up the Red sea, around the Mediterranean sea, across the Atlantic ocean then through the Caribbean sea. (See my Log Book).
I am now sailing across the south Pacific ocean, making my way back to Australia. I aim to land at Brisbane in December, before cruising down the NSW coast, arriving in Sydney by February 2010.

This site is my story with pictures of my sailing / travelling adventures on Weatherly, and proposed plans for completing the voyage around the world.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

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village of Amalphi in Southern Italy
Amalphi coast

    Food stalls (Warung) in Lankawi
    Langkawi warungs