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Welcome, on this site you will find free ebooks, affiliate marketing resources, and strategies for marketing your own ebooks. I update the site frequently so check back periodically for new ebooks and tutorials. You will also find all the tools you'll need to start making a life time income from affiliate programs and resellable ebooks.

Don't forget to check the tutorials section for marketing tips and my internet scam report. These books have proven to be essential to any one
who wants to market on the internet and they all come with full resell rights.

You ask why i'm giving away ebooks if they are so valuable. Well the answer is simple. I am sure once you see the wealth of information contained in these books you will be begging for more. Don't forget to bookmark this site now. You will kick yourself later if you don't. Each book is filled to capacity with valuable information.

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    All of the ebooks on this page come with full resell rights and a turnkey web site.All you have to do is decide how you want to accept payments(i.e. paypal, merchant account etc...).Generate a link to your payment source,Usually you can do this on the site where you got your account, for example if you use PayPal log into your PayPal account and click on the merchant tools tab then fill out the info. Make sure you choose add more options so you can redirect your buyers to your thank you page where they can download the ebook and mini site. Then replace the payment html code in the source code of the web site to your payment code and then edit the thank you page so your buyers can download the .zip file.

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Learn how to get All of the ebooks on this site, plus dozens more with full resell rights for Only $30
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