Welcome to Griffin's Art Corner (Mark II)
Story Bin

This is where you'd actually go and find those stories I wrote "short" synopses on (besides the gamesite at Sir Toby's).

SOME, I've helped write these with various authors (their pen names down at the bottom of their episodes) along with mine (where my pen names being at the bottom of MY episodes: MSG, Grimm Reader, and Crossroads Man). OTHERS.....Well, I liked them and wove them into the Terra Prime thread (As the Fur Flies).

Please excuse the rather rough appearance of some of the pages. I was able to get them into decent shape after numerous sleepless nights.

1.As the Fur Flies: The Tail of Frederigo D'Honaire

2. Doctor Who the Eternal Champion

3. Alternate Manimals universe

4. Alternate Vampire universe

5. Walants 1

6. Walants 2

7. Walants 3

8. Walants 4

9. Walants 5

10. Walants 6

11. Walants 7

12. Elves

13. Nod

14. Thaobath

15. Fred, Astra, and These Strange Wolfriding Elves!

16. Dancing the Knight Away!

17. Hannah, Village Lass.....

18. Anina, Astra, and Temporal Paradox

19. The New Champions......

20. "Balancing Act" or "Time Anchor Lost!"

21. Annafrida (Not of ABBA)

22. Didn't I See Them on the X-Files?!

23. From Xanth for Love: A Family Quest

24. The Quest for the Dark Tower

25. Betrayal at Bookpoint!

26. Denom, Better Known as Fred

27. Three Sisters in Adventure

28. Fred, the Incomplete Dragon

29. Lord Fred and Princess Astra, Demifoxes

30. Reality Shard to Reality

31. Kitsune

32. Selana

33. Midworld Quest

34. What one Gets When Draconians Face Things Head On?

35. Form of a Fairy!

36. Mutiny on the Enterprise

37. Enterprise and Babylon 5

38. Elf Determination

39. How NOT to Cause Elf Destruction!

40. Three is a Magic Number