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Health Education Resources
"Take Charge of Your Health and Enhance Your Life!"

Research proves today
that most illnesses are preventable.
Whether it be physical, mental, spiritual or social
there are numerous sources of reliable
information to help guide you to better health!
When it comes to living healthy there are three important variables that determine your health destiny. They are education, choices and habits!
Educate yourself and then make it your choice
to live healthier. Be patient as you begin to
change your habits. While you continue to repeat
good health behaviors each day,
they soon will become second nature.
"Take charge of your own health and
enhance your life!"
~ Kimberly R. Garnett ~
Kimberly R. Garnett, BS, CHES
Health Education Specialist
American Lung Association
Freedom From Smoking Facilitator

Member of
Eta Sigma Gamma
Morris County Coalition for Underage Drinking
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