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06.05.02 - - added more useful & interesting links (checkout the 3D links).
05.30.02 - - (1) frame lifted off on my recent animation project (checkout the 3D gallery).
05.28.02 - - I've uploaded (20) stunning, 3d-rendered-images (click on the 3D gallery).

This website is basically a collection of an All-Filipino, 3D-masterpieces. Dare to tread into their delicious mind... Be amazed on the unexplored realm of unorthodox thinking. It's all about... 3D!

If you are a Filipino, and you have something (3D artworks/animations) for the rest of the world's eyes to feast on... You are welcome to send us your "JPEG files". Do send us an e-mail at:

Note: Keep the file size of your attachment on minimum (submissions should pass our board of 3D-experts, before it can be posted here). Thanks!

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