Over the years there have been many ladies
that have graced the entertainment world.Ladies like Marlyn Monroe, Hearther Lockear,Brittney Spears,
Alyssa Milano,Sophia Marceau,Sophia Loren, and Many many more.
Who could forget the Ladies of
Charlies Angels
Jacklyn Smith,Kate Jackson,Farrah Fawcett,
Cheryl Ladd
How about the New Charlies Angels
Drew Barrymorre,Lucy Lu, Uma Thurman
There are so many of them and so many sites to see
All these ladies. There have been some that have been The Cyber Hunters Key Ladies
Like Cindy Margolis and now Paris Hilton
In This Site I took some of my skills and with some of the Photos over the Internet to bring You some new Desktops and cool backgrounds of some of the Angels that have graced the Screens of our computers and TVs over the years
Please Visit back on a regular basis as we will update this weekly.
Enjoy Your Stay
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