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Designing Web Sites for Accessibility

How are you reading this?

Are you a person using a handheld small-screen device ... or a screen reader ... limited by a slow modem ... do you have to concentrate mightily to understand ... are you anxious and a millisecond of a click away?

Your concern as a web site designer is making sure to include these people in your audience. We all want to see our message get through.

Who have you included with your present approach? Who have you excluded? These are the issues and concerns of this site.

This site is for you - the web designer or administrator who would like to know more about web site accessibility, which focuses on your audience. I will offer simple, straight talk and strive to make your time worthwhile.

Relevant Questions?

Table of Questions, Links to Discussion Pages, Description of Topics

Links to

What does accessibility mean? Link to Issues Page Examine basic issues related to web users with disabilities
Who are we talking about here? Link to Users Page Consider audience's abilities, conditions, & cirsumstances
Why should I care? Link to Motives Page List reasons & scenarios for thinking outside the box
What can I do? Link to Tools Page Brief list and description of current tools available
Where can I learn more? Link to Resources Page Free web resources offering training and knowledge
When am I OK, how can I know? Link to Validators Page Computer programs and sites that check for compliance

*Words to design by: Know your audience! [along with who pays and who has to be satisfied - these shall receive no further mention].

Issues | Users | Motives | Tools | Resources | Validators

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