Text Box: What is NAMI on Campus?
NAMI on campus advocates for students with mental illness and students with family who suffer from mental illness. NAMI on Campus advocates through education, referral resources, awareness activities, and support. 
What is Mental Illness?
Mental illnesses are disorders of the brain that can often profoundly disrupt a personís thinking, mood, and ability to relate to others. Mental illnesses include such disorders as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, major depression, OCD, anxiety disorders, and other severe and persistent mental illness.

Meeting will take place in the library conference room.

Text Box: Facts on Mental Illness
Mental disorders are the leading cause of disability in North America.
Stigma erodes confidence that mental disorders are real treatable health conditions.
Mental Illness are biologically based brain disorders.

Text Box: 601 Quincy St 
Hancock Michigan 49930

Website: www.nami.org

Nationally Alliance On Mental Illness Finlandia

NAMI on Campus

Date of Next Meeting October, 4th 2006

Time of Meeting: 4:30