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Atlantis: the Andes Solution

Atlantis – the Andes Solution by J.M.Allen, 212 pages with illustrations and photos

The Complete Solution to the Greatest Archaeological Mystery of All Time! Evidence that South America is the continent of Atlantis. Explains how it was not the island continent of Atlantis which sank into the sea as Plato believed, but only the island city of Atlantis, built around the lava rings of an extinct or dormant volcano, which sank into the inland sea of Lake Poopo. The rectangular-shaped Altiplano matches Plato’s description of the plain in the centre of the continent, midway along its longest side etc. With full background information including Plato’s original account, Donnelly’s interpretation, Crete, Troy, Egypt and Aztec connections; the book contains an account of a site visit to a section of canal 600ft wide which Plato said existed on the plain and illustrations including satellite and on-site photographs.

Original Windrush edition sold out in UK and USA.
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The Atlantis Trail
by J.M.Allen 212 pages illustrated with photos throughout.

Continues on from ‘Atlantis: the Andes Solution’ with the author’s further four expeditions to the area, visiting four volcanoes with similar features to the original ringed volcanic city of Atlantis by the shores of Lake Poopo, visit to the mysterious petrified city of Pumiri on the edge of the level plain near the lake, the village of the ancient Uru/Chipaya peoples in the middle of the great salt desert The author further uncovers a site next to the sea with zones of land destroyed by earthquakes and of name similar to an illustrated Bolivian account of a city by the edge of a lake and subsequently punished by the gods who send against it earthquakes and floods submerging the city in an exact parallel to Plato’s Atlantis!

Atlantis:Lost Kingdom of the Andes
by J.M.Allen 214 pages illustrated with photos throughout.

Continues on from ‘The Atlantis Trail’ returning to the site of Atlantis at Pampa Aullagas. With excerpts from Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa's 16th century rare work "History of the Incas" which names Suuth America as Atlantis, detailed drawings and air photo of the rings of land at Pampa Aullagas, explanation of orichalcum with photos of the process etc.


"The Atlantis Trail Poster",
Size A3 (420x297mm)

"Atlantis:Lost Kingdom of the Andes poster",
Size A3 (420x297mm)
Poster with legends

Inca Treasure Map
Mme Blavatsky's Inca Treasure Map.
Poster map by J.M.Allen showing location of "the Tomb of the Incas"
and triangle of mountains with concealed tunnel entrance to the lost
treasure of the Incas including sketches and legend text of H.P.Blavatsky.
Size A3 (420x297mm)
Poster with legends

Historic Atlantis in BoliviaHISTORIC ATLANTIS IN BOLIVIA