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For my returning visitors, thanks for the wonderful
journey you have allowed me to share with you in the
past 4 years. I hope you enjoy the new look!
And for those of you who are visitng for the first time.
I hope you enjoy your visit and come back often .
Please be patient with me, While I dust out the cob webs

and begin remodeling this site. Giving it a fresh new look,
with exciting new sets for you to use . By removing old sets
and making new ones. the old sets will not be saved. And I
have no way to send you a zip file of any one you see.
so if you like a set be sure to save it to you own harddrive
because once they are removed they will be gone forever.
and I will be doing that from time to time in order to save space.
because this is a free site that geocities offers all of us
and the bandwidth is limited. So this site may go down from
time to time. If it does just check back in one hour and I
assure you it will be available again for your use.

So come in, grab a cup of coffee sit back and relax,
and visit with us awhile. Making these sets is my hearts passion.
So with all that said let's get to the important things that
you need to read before you begin using these sets.

Even though most of my sets are made with royalty free graphics
or art that has been scanned. I have exhausted all means in making
sure that I have given credit to the ORIGINAL author or publisher
of each picture, tubes, & poems used on this site where possible.
In doing so we MUST supply a link back to them If one is provided
on that set. If you see any graphics that are used here that you
know the original artist or publisher of any content.
Please email me so I can obtain proper approval from the original
owner for use on this site. If approval cannot be obtained the sets
will be removed from this site immediately. By no means do we
want to infringe on anyone's copyrights.

Please take whatever you like. They are free for use on your PERSONAL
WEBSITES ONLY! Please do not use them on any site that have adult content
or that would not be considered appropiate for children to view.
These set's are made for your enjoyment only.

You do NOT have to use every piece in these sets, But please don't
mix match the sets or change the top graphics with other sets,
A link back to this site would be GREATLY appreciated.
So others can come & enjoy using these sets too.
Let me say "I am honored" that you have chosen to visit
us here at "Websets by Sparky"!
Feel free to check back often for updates.

Have a blessed day !
And Smile! your journey is just beginning!
Sincerely & Respectfuly always,
Sparky aka Sandy...

NEW Angel section in progress!
As of 01/17/08!
A new Angels section is under construction!
as a special tribute to my good friend Angelheart~(Sharon).
God touched my heart tonight as I was going thru her site
and I decided to Build an exclusive "ANGEL SETS" space
for all those out there who loves Angels. As much as she does.
so keep checking back often for the new sets coming soon !
And may God bless each one who visits here.
sincerely & Respectfully always Sparky.

Click Here for
New Angel Sets!

Valerie Tabor Smith section!
The exclusive photography magic of
[Valerie Tabor Smith]
All of these set's have been re-made to give them a fresh new look!
and several NEW set's have been added for your use
Websets made from her wonderful angel ~ children photo's
Is being displayed in her very own section here at
"Websets by Sparky"
I have obtained her [PERMISSION]to use these photo's
In Hopes to bring you the best magical children set's available,
Here on this website! Click her name above to view her online gallery.
or click the button below to view what is already available
Here at "Websets by Sparky"

Penny Parker!

The Wonderful Art paintings of
Are also being made available here at Websets by Sparky.
Some of the websets made from her beautiful oil painitngs
that will be offered here includes the following subjects.
landscape, angel, animal, religious, and many misc set's
I am so honored that she is allowing me to use her Art
and in return for that privelige, I am displaying them
in her very own section on this site.
I have obtained her proper approval [PERMISSION]to make these sets,
In Hopes to bring you a better variety of websets here on this site.
Click her name above to view her online gallery.
or click the button below to view what is already available here.

The featured Poet on "Webset's By Sparky" is
~[Marilyn McQuaig AKA Merry]
and we are honored to have the EXCLUSIVE right to use
her wonderful writings. If you use any of her poems please
respect her copyright and give her full credit on the
page where her work is displayed with a link back to her site.
If you would like to meet her and read more her of wonderful
inspiring poem's just click the logo below to enter her world!
Or click her name above to email her with your comments.

Use the index buttons below to find your sets.
If you can't find what you are looking for
click the butterfly to email me at
Sandy's Box!

I will be glad to make you a custom set FREE of charge
in whatever subject you choose! (As my time allows)
Just because I love making these graphics so much.
When the set is completed you will receive a email notifying
you to come pick up your set. The only thing I ask in return
is for you to send me the URL where the set will be displayed .

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Please do not link directly to these graphics!
Copy the graphics to your own hard drive files
and then upload to your web host for use on your site.
thank you ,




Feel free to leave me your comments and links
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