Welcome to Winnie The Pooh's Page. Here you will find the Description of Pooh, what he likes or dislikes, what his favorite things to do are, Quotes and Sayings, pictures, and MORE. I hope you will enjoy it and I would LOVE any suggestions you may have. Thanks!

Description: A small golden bear, about 22 inches tall. Wears an old red t-shirt
More Description: Chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff. A bear of very little brain
Age: One year younger than Christopher Robin (figure that one out!!!)
Alias: Known to live under the name of "Mr. Sanders" "It means he had the name (Sanders) over the door in gold letters, and (Pooh) lived under it."
Also Known By These Names: Address: 100 Acre Wood West
Best Friend: Piglet
Favorite Food: Hunny. And MORE Hunny!!!!!
Favorite Things to Do: Honors: First Thing He Says in the Morning: "What's for breakfast?"
Quotes and Sayings: "Oh, Bother", "Think, think, think"

Pictures of Pooh!!!
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