Ratdog: Early and Spring 1998

Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
Rob Wasserman - bass, vocals
Jay Lane - drums, vocals
Jeff Chimenti - keys
Matt Kelly - guitar, harmonica, congas, vocals
Dave Ellis - saxophone, vocals

ª = Bob on acoustic
æ = Bob switches from acoustic to electric (or vice versa)
¹ = just Bob & Rob
² = band rejoins during song
³ = Bob, Rob, and Matt

1/29/98 Bimbo's 365 Club, San Francisco, CA   (Thu)
Bobby w/ High Plains Drifter: Wang Dang Doodle, NFA
(U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team Benefit)
1/31/98 Hyatt Regency at Macy's Plaza, Los Angeles, CA   (Sat)
KC Moanª, Victimª, Easy To Slip>Bass Solo, Cassidy
(NAMM party - Bob & Rob)
2/11/98 Buckeye Roadhouse, Mill Valley, CA   (Wed)
Playin'>Baby Blue, Juke, She Belongs To Me*, Schoolgirl>Chauffer Blues*^>
Wang Dang Doodle*>Jam>Playin', Other One>Sailorº>Saint, Cassidy 
(Friends of Fields Benefit;    º = first time played;    * = w/ Maria Muldaur;    ^ = only time played) 
2/23/98 rehearsal at Bob's house, Mill Valley, CA   (Mon)
China Cat^, Shakedown, Corrina, Walking Blues*, Weather Report Prelude*^, KC Moan*
(* = Bob solo;    ^ = before first time played)
2/23/98 Yoshi's Jazz House at Jack London Square, Oakland, CA   (Mon)
Trouble In Mind^, KC Moan, Walking Blues, Down By The Riverside*^
(3rd Annual Brownie McGhee Tribute - Bob & Rob Acoustic w/ Matt Kelly)
(* = w/ Maria Muldaur;    ^ = first time played)
(also: Jimmy McCracklin, Joe Louis Walker, Hadda Brooks, Peter Rowan, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Tommy Castro, Henry Kaiser, 
Shelly Cullin, Doug MacLeod, Sugar Pie Desanto, Faye Carol & Kito Gamble, Mitch Woods, Shana Morrison, 
Ignacio "Nachito" Reyes, Lucky Witherspoon, David Krull, Robert Lowery & Virgil Thrasher, Freddie Roulette, 
Barbara Dane & Mark Silber, Mary Youngblood, Francis Clay, Clarence Van Hook & Will Scarlet & Michael James, Big Bones, 
Country Pete McGill & Carlos Zialcita, Elmer Lee Thomas Blues Revue, Lady Bianca, Mark Hummel & Steve Freund, 
and Wavy Gravy as emcee)
2/24/98 The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA   (Tue)
parade>Aiko>Playin'>Wang Dang Doodle, Trouble In Mindª, Down By The Riversideª*, 
Heaven Helpª, Loose Lucy, This Time Forever>Shade Of Grey>Easy To Slip>
Supplication Jam>Watchtower>Supplication Jam>Easy To Slip>Bass Solo>Playin'>Cassidy 
E: Touch 
(Mardi Gras Celebration;    Daniel Kane opened;   * = final time played)
(soundcheck included: Easy Answers, Aiko, Saint, Loose Lucy)
2/25/98 The Fillmore, San Francisco,CA   (Wed)
Bucket, Easy Answers, Eternity, Blackbirdª, Victimª, Masterpieceª, Next Time, West LA, 
Sailor>Saint>Estimated>Other One>Bass Solo>China Cat*>Corrina>Sugar Magnolia 
E: J.B.Goode 
(Mike Silverman opened;    * = first time played)
(soundcheck included: Sailor, Estimated, West LA, China Cat, Corrina, KC Moan)
2/27/98 The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA   (Fri)
I: Bucket, Sugaree, Queen Jane>Playin'>Halfstep^, Bird Song, West LA 
II: Mtns. Of The Moonª*^, Sailor>Saint>Other One, Wild Horses>Dark Starº>
China Cat>Rider>St. Stephen^>NFA
E: Rolling Stone^, Rippleª
(Benefit for the Unbroken Chain Foundation)
(Phil Lesh & Friends - Bob, Jeff, Phil, Ellis, Franks, Jay Lane)
(soundcheck included: St. Stephen, Wild Horses, Jack-a-Roe, Mtns. of the Moon, Dark Star, Touch, China Cat>Rider)
(º = l.t.p. was 3/6/97;    ^ = first time played;    * = w/o Lane, Ellis)
3/7/98 4th & B , San Diego, CA   (Sat)
Miracle>Wang Dang Doodle, Walking Blues, Queen Jane, Playin'>Bombs Awayª, KC Moanª, 
Victimª, Big Boss Man, Rooster, Eternity>Other One>Bass Solo, Drums>Playin'>
Throwing Stones>NFA 
E: Saturday Night 
(16 Horsepower opened) 
3/8/98 The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV   (Sun)
Bucket, Josephine>Fever>Josephine, Blackbirdª, Winnersª, FOTDª, Schoolgirl, Rider, 
Bird Song, Estimated>Corrina>Bass Solo, Drums>Samson>Lovelight
E: Heaven's Door
(16 Horsepower opened) 
3/10/98 Hayden Square Amphitheatre, Tempe, AZ   (Tue)
Minglewood>Easy Answers, Sage & Spiritªº>Blackbirdª, City Girlsª*, Masterpieceª, Juke, 
West LA, This Time Forever>Shade of Grey>Easy To Slip>Supplication Jam>Watchtower>
Easy To Slip>Bass Solo, Drums>Jam^>Cassidy 
E: Touch 
(* = l.t.p. was 4/12/97;    ^ = hints of Easy To Slip;    º = first time played;     16 Horsepower opened) 
3/11/98 The Zone, Albuquerque, NM   (Wed)
Shakedown*>TMTTR, Baby Blue, Festivalª, KC Moanª, Victim, All Over Now, Next Time, 
Loose Lucy, Sailor>Saint>Other One>Bass Solo>Jam>China Cat>Sugar Magnolia 
E: J.B.Goode 
(* = l.t.p. was 3/6/97 [sung by Jay];     16 Horsepower opened) 
3/13/98 Austin Music Hall, Austin, TX   (Fri)
Jack Straw, Wang Dang Doodle, Playin'>Queen Jane, Bombs Awayª>Twilight Timeª, FOTDª, 
Rooster, Bird Song>Bass Solo> Playin'>Throwing Stones>NFA 
E: Touch 
(16 Horsepower opened) 
3/14/98 Aerial Theater, Houston, TX   (Sat)
Bucket, Walking Blues, Josephine>Fever>Josephine, El Pasoª, BT Windª, Heaven Helpª, Rider, 
Schoolgirl, Eternity>Estimated>Bass Solo>Drums>Corrina>Lovelight 
E: Saturday Night 
(16 Horsepower opened) 
3/16/98 House Of Blues, New Orleans, LA   (Mon)
Minglewood>Easy Answers>Sage & Spiritª*>Easy Answersª>Winnersª, Jack Strawª, Masterpieceª, 
Juke, West LA, This Time Forever>Shade of Grey>Easy To Slip>Supplication Jam>Watchtower>
Easy To Slip>Bass Solo>Drums>Jam>Cassidy 
E: Good Lovin'
(* = final time played;     16 Horsepower opened) 
3/17/98 Orpheum Theatre, Memphis ,TN   (Tue)
Shakedown*>TMTTR, Baby Blue, Trouble In Mindª, KC Moanª, Memphis Blues, 
All Over Now, Next Time, Loose Lucy, Sailor>Saint>Other One>Spanish Jam>
Other One>Bass Solo, Sugar Magnolia 
E: J.B.Goode 
(* = sung by Jay;     16 Horsepower opened;     St. Patrickís Day) 
3/18/98 Five Points Music Hall, Birmingham, AL   (Wed)
Jack Straw, Wang Dang Doodle, Playin'>Queen Jane>Playin' Jam, Bombs Awayª, 
Artificial Flowersª, FOTDª, Bird Song, Big Boss Man, Rooster, Bass Solo, Jam>
Playin'*>Throwing Stones>NFA* 
E: Good Lovin'*
(* = w/ Donna Jean;     16 Horsepower opened) 
3/20/98 Roxy Theatre, Atlanta, GA   (Fri)
Bucket, Walking Blues, Josephine>Fever>The Preacher Jam*>Josephine, El Pasoª, Blackbirdª, Victimª, 
Rider, Schoolgirl, Estimated>Other One>Bass Solo, Drums>Jam>China Cat>Corrina>Lovelight 
E: Touch 
(* = first time played;    16 Horsepower opened) 
3/21/98 Tennessee Theatre, Knoxville, TN   (Sat)
Miracle>Minglewood>Easy Answers, Winnersª>Jack Strawª>Masterpieceª, Juke, 
West LA, This Time Forever>Shade of Grey>Easy To Slip>Supplication Jam>Watchtower>
Easy To Slip>Bass Solo, Jam>Cassidy 
E: Saturday Night 
(16 Horsepower opened) 
3/22/98 Louisville Palace Theatre, Louisville, KY   (Sun)
Shakedown*, TMTTR, She Belongs To Me, Trouble In Mindª, KC Moanª, Heaven Helpª, 
All Over Now, Next Time, Loose Lucy, Sailor>Saint>Other One>Spanish Jam>Other One>
Bass Solo, Drums>Samson>Sugar Magnolia
E: Heaven's Door
(* = now sung by Bobby;     16 Horsepower opened) 
3/23/98 Akron Civic Theatre, Akron, OH   (Mon)
Jack Straw, Wang Dang Doodle, Playin'>Queen Jane>Playin' Jam>Bombs Awayª, Artificial Flowersª, FOTDª, 
Big Boss Man, LL Rain, Bird Song>Bass Solo>Drums>Jam>Playin'>Throwing Stones 
E: Throwing Stones Jam*>NFA 
(* = only time played;     16 Horsepower opened) 
3/25/98 Rec Center, William Patterson U., Wayne, NJ   (Wed)
Minglewood>Easy Answers, Josephine>Fever>The Preacher Jam>Josephine, El Pasoª¹, 
Victimª¹, Schoolgirl, Rider>Estimated>Other One>Bass Solo, Jam*>China Cat>
E: Touch 
(16 Horsepower opened;     * = w/o Bob & Matt) 
3/26/98 State Theatre, Portland, ME   (Thu)
Bucket, Youngblood*, Miracle, Winnersª, Jack Strawª, Memphis Bluesª, Juke, West LA, 
This Time Forever>Shade Of Grey>Easy To Slip>Supplication Jam>Drums>Bass Solo>Jam>
Watchtower>Easy To Slip>Cassidy 
E: Heaven's Door
(* = l.t.p. was 4/15/97;    16 Horsepower opened) 
3/28/98 Recreation & Convocation Center (The RACC), SUNY Albany, NY   (Sat)
Shakedown, TMTTR, Baby Blue, Blackbirdª¹>KC Moanª³, Jamª, Masterpieceª², Next Time, 
All Over Now, Loose Lucy, Sailor>Saint>Bass Solo, Drums>Jam>Other One>Spanish Jam>
Other One>You May Never Know*>Sugar Magnolia 
E: Sat Night 
(* = only time played [sounds like only a reprise of the full song];    16 Horsepower opened) 
3/30/98 Landmark Theatre*, Syracuse, NY   (Mon)
Jack Straw>Wang Dang Doodle, Playin'>Queen Jane>Playin' Jamæ>Bombs Awayª¹, 
Artificial Flowersª¹, FOTDª³, Big Boss Man, LL Rain, Bird Song>Bass Solo, Drums>Jam²>
Playin'>Throwing Stones>NFA 
E: Gloria 
(16 Horsepower opened;     * = formerly Loew's Theatre) 
3/31/98 Scranton Cultural Center#, Scranton, PA   (Tue)
Minglewood>Easy Answers, Josephine>Fever>The Preacher Jam>Josephine, 
Trouble In Mindª*, El Pasoª, Victimª, Schoolgirl, Rider, Estimated>Other One>Bass Solo, 
Drums>Jam>China Cat>She Says Jam^>Corrina>Lovelight 
E: J.B.Goodeº 
(* = final time played;    ^ = only time played;    º = w/ Mayor Jim Conners) 
(# = formerly Masonic Temple;     16 Horsepower opened) 
4/1/98 OíNeill Center, WCSU Westside, Danbury, CT   (Wed)
Bucket, Walking Blues, Miracle>October Queen Jam*>She Belongs To Me,  KC Moanª³, Winnersª¹>Jack Strawª², Juke, West LA, This Time Forever>Shade of Grey>
Easy To Slip>Supplication Jam>Bass Solo, Watchtower>Easy To Slip>Cassidy 
E: Touch 
(Robís 40th Birthday;    Trailer Park opened;    * = Bob sings Miracle refrain at end) 
(soundcheck: Miracle, She Belongs To Me, Cassidy) 
4/2/98  Tongue & Groove Studio, Philadelphia, PA   (Thu)
Masterpiece, interview about Willie Dixon, Eternity, interview about Rob, KC Moan,
interview about post-Jerry projects,Victim, interview about Bob's influences,
Throwing Stones, interview about tour schedule
(Bob & Rob - recorded  for 88.5 WXPN's syndicated "World Cafe" program)
4/3/98 Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA   (Fri)
Shakedown, Eternity>Baby Blue, Bombs Awayª¹, KC Moanª³, Heaven Helpª¹, Next Timeº, 
All Over Now, Loose Lucy, Lost Sailor>Saint of Circ.>Bass Solo, Drums>Other One*>Throwing Stones* 
E: Every Little Lightº^, Good Lovin'* 
(* = w/ Al Schnier;    ^ = w/ Francesca;    º = final time played)
(soundcheck: Eternity*>Shakedown*, Youngblood, Jam, Every Little Light)
Leftover Salmon and Burlap To Cashmere opened) 
4/4/98 Grand Cayman Ballroom, Trump Marina Hotel Casino, Atlantic City, NJ   (Sat)
Jack Straw, Wang Dang Doodle, Playin'>She Belongs To Me>Playin' Jamæ>El Pasoª¹, 
Artificial Flowersª, FOTDª³, Big Boss Man², LL Rainª>Bird Song>Bass Solo, Jam>
You May Never Know Jam*>Playin'>Sugar Magnolia 
E: Saturday Night 
(* = first time played) 
4/5/98 Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA   (Sun)
Minglewood>Easy Answers, Youngblood>Josephine>The Preacher Jam>Jack Straw, 
Blackbird>Victim, Schoolgirl, Rider, Estimated>Other One>Bass Solo, Drums>Samson>
China Cat>Cassidy 
E: Touch 
(soundcheck: Youngblood, Josephine, Jack Straw) 
(Everything opened) 
4/20/98 The Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA   (Mon)
I: Minglewood, FOTD, Wang Dang Doodle, High Time^, West LA, Bird Song, 
Box Of Rain*, Imagine*^
II: China Cat>Rider, Masterpiece, Revolution^, Bucket>Other One>US Bluesº, Cassidy, 
Morning Dew^, Touch
E: Rolling Stone
(* = dedicated to Linda McCartney;    ^ = only time played;    º = first time played)
(Benefit for the Unbroken Chain Foundation - Phil & Friends - Phil, Bob, Bruce, Branford, Franks, Molo)
4-30-98 Bohemian Club, San Francisco, CA   (Thu)
Bob Solo: KC Moanª, Victimª
Bob, Jay, Strickland, Kaiser: El Pasoª, Shoulda Had Been Meª^, 
Walking Blues*, West LA*, irish tune, Truckin'*
E1:  Jack Strawª, Rippleª*
E2: China Doll*, Bertha*
(Spring Jinks at the Bohemian;     * w/ Phil, Hagar, and probably Peter Cutler)
(Bob also played a couple songs with the house band;    solo list incomplete)
(^ = final time played)
5/15/98 Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, CA   (Fri)
FOTD*, KC Moan, Easy To Slip^, Cassidyº
all-star Encore:  Ripple, Teach Your Children#, Amazing Grace
(Sing Out For SEVA;     * = w/ Ramblin' Jack Elliot;     ^ = w/ Rob) 
(º = w/ Rob, Mickey, Stan Franks;    # = final time played;     Bob probably on acoustic only)


Other Ones: Furthur 1998

Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
Phil Lesh - bass, vocals
Mickey Hart - drums, percussion, vocals
Bruce Hornsby - keys, vocals
Dave Ellis - saxophone
Mark Karan - guitar, vocals
Steve Kimock - guitar
John Molo - drums
6/4/98 The Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA   (Thu)
I: Jack Straw, Sugaree, Minglewood>Easy Answers, Loser*, GDTRFB, Scarlet*>
Fire On The Mountain>China Cat>Rider
II: Box Of Rain, FOTDª, Playin'>Drumz>Preacher In The Ring^>Jam>Banyan Tree*, Playin', 
St. Stephen>The Eleven*>Jam>Lovelight
(Rainforest Benefit;    * = first time played;     ^ = Bruce and drummers only;     not part of Furthur Festival)
6/24/98 Lakewood Amphitheatre, Atlanta, GA   (Wed)
Preacher In The Ring^, Fire On The Mountain, Throwing Stones, Bucket, Uncle John's*
(soundcheck for Furthur Festival;     * = before first time played;     ^ = Bruce and drummers only)
6/25/98 Lakewood Amphitheatre, Atlanta, GA   (Thu)
Playin'>Jam>Baby Blue, Tennessee Jed*, Down The Roadº, Jack-a-Roeª^, West LA, Scarlet>
Fire On The Mountain, Bucket, The Way It Is*>Playin' Jam>Banyan Tree>Drumz>Space>
Uncle John's*>Playin'
E: Sugar Magnolia
(º = l.t.p. was 6/20/96?;     * = first time played;     ^ = l.t.p. was 10/11/81;     also Hot Tuna, Rusted Root)
6/26/98 Blockbuster Pavilion, Charlotte, NC   (Fri)
Truckin', Halfstep, Loser, Walking Blues, Loose Lucy, Bird Song, FOTDª, Wild Horsesª^, 
WW Limo*, Sailor>Saint>Other One>Drumz>St. Stephen>The Eleven
E: Touch
(* = first time played;    ^ = final time played;     also Hot Tuna, Rusted Root)
(soundcheck inc.: Saint, Truckin')
6/27/98 Nissan Pavilion at Stone Ridge, Bristow, VA   (Sat)
Jack Straw, Sugaree, Minglewood, Easy Answers, Terrapin Jam^>China Cat>Rider, 
Box Of Rain, Rainbow's Cadillac*>Dark Star>Estimated>Drumz>Space>
Strange Remain*>Dark Star Jam*>Wharf Rat*>Good Lovin'>Saturday Night
(* = first time played;     ^  = Bruce only;     also Hot Tuna, Rusted Root)
6/28/98 Martha's Vineyard Regional High School Field, Oak Bluffs, MA   (Sun)
Bombs Away, Walking Blues, Blackbird, KC Moan, Victim>Eternity, Easy To Slip>
Bass Solo>Jam>Easy To Slip
E: Throwing Stones
(Nectarfest - Bob & Rob Acoustic)
6/28/98 Tom Nevers Field, Nantucket, MA   (Sun)
Walking Blues, KC Moan, Fever, Eternity>Masterpiece>Winners, FOTD,
LL Rain, Cassidy>Bass Solo>Throwing Stones
Bob w/ Bo Diddley & Entrain: Minglewood, NFA>Hey Bo Diddley*
(Nectarfest - Bob & Rob Acoustic;     * = first time played)
6/29/98 Continental Airlines Arena, Meadowlands Complex, East Rutherford, NJ   (Mon)
GDTRFB, Scarlet>Fire On The Mountain, Walking Blues, LL Rainª, Mtns. Of The Moonª>
Masterpieceª, The Way It Is> Playin'>Corrina>Jam>Drumz>Aiko>Space>Playin' Jam>
St. Stephen>The Eleven>Lovelight
E: Rippleª
(also Hot Tuna, Rusted Root)
6/30/98 Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY   (Tue)
Drumz>Mystery Train#, Minglewood, Jack-a-Roeª, Down The Road, Tennessee Jed, West LA>
Dark Star Jamº>Drumz>Preacher In The Ring^>Dark Star>Uncle John's>>Playin' Reprise*>
Throwing Stones>NFA
E: Box Of Rain, Touch
(º = w/ Manteca tease;     * = only time played;     ^ = Bruce and drummers only)
(# = l.t.p. was 1/20/93;     also Hot Tuna, Rusted Root)
7/1/98 Great Woods PAC, Mansfield, MA   (Wed)
Truckin'>Other One Jam*>Loose Lucy, Loser, Strange Remain, Bird Song, FOTDª, WW Limo, 
Terrapin Jam^>China Cat>Rider>Estimated>Other One>Drumz>China Doll>Wharf Rat>
Sugar Magnolia
(^ = Bruce only;     * = l.t.p. was 3/27/97     also Hot Tuna, Rusted Root)
7/3/98 Blockbuster-Sony Music Entertainment Centre, Camden, NJ   (Fri)
Jack Straw, Rolling Stone, Wang Dang Doodle*, Rainbow's Cadillac, Sailor>Saint>Playin'*>
Banyan Tree>Drumz>Space>Playin'*>Uncle John's, St. Stephen>The Eleven>Lovelight
E: Cassidy*
(* = w/ Donna Jean;     also Hot Tuna, Rusted Root)
7/4/98 Saratoga PAC, Saratoga Springs, NY   (Sat)
US Blues, Bucket, Scarlet>Fire On The Mountain, Mtns. Of The Moonª, Schoolgirl, LL Rain>
The Way It Is, Bird Song*>Other One>Drumz>GDTRFB>Heaven's Door, Saturday Night
(* = w/ Norwegian Wood tease;     also Hot Tuna, Rusted Root)
7/5/98 Darien Lake PAC, Darien Center, NY   (Sun)
Drumz>Samson, Sugaree, Halfstep, Baba Jingo>Dark Star>West LA, Tennessee Jed, 
Easy Answers>Drumz>Across The River>Dark Star>Truckin'
E: Box Of Rain
(also Hot Tuna, Rusted Root)
7/7/98 Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT   (Tue)
NFA>Loose Lucy, Loser, Jack-a-Roeª, Strange Remain, FOTDª, Masterpieceª, Nardis^>
WW Limoª, Terrapin Jamº>Estimated>Jam>Corrina>Drumz>Space>China Cat>Rider>
China Doll>Throwing Stones>NFA
(^ = only Bruce and Ellis;     º = only Bruce)
(Happy Trails theme throughout show  for Roy Rogers [died 7/6/98];     also Hot Tuna, Rusted Root)
7/8/98 Montage Mountain PAC, Scranton, PA   (Wed)
Bucket, Scarlet>Fire On The Mountain, Mtns. Of The Moonª, Minglewood>Hound Dog*, LL Rain, 
Rainbow's Cadillac, Bird Song>Jam>Bird Song>Drumz>Space>Love Supreme Jam*>Other One>
Wharf Rat>Touch 
(* = first time played;     Broadway tease before Jam;     also Hot Tuna, Rusted Root)
7/9/98 Star Lake Amphitheatre, Burgettstown, PA   (Thu)
Shakedown, Playin', Ramble On Rose*, Down The Road, Halfstep>Baby Blue>Sailor>
Saint>Jam>Cassidy>Drumz>Space>The Way It Is>Uncle John's>Playin'>Sugar Magnolia
E: US Blues
(* = first time played;     also Hot Tuna, Rusted Root)
7/11/98 Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI   (Sat)
Dark Star>Jack Straw, Sugaree, West LA, Baba Jingo, Tennessee Jed, Easy Answers, 
Across The River>Drumz>Dark Star Jam>Preacher In The Ring^>Box Of Rain>Dark Star>
St. Stephen>The Eleven>Lovelight
E: Saturday Night
(^ = Bruce and drummers only;     also Hot Tuna, Rusted Root)
7/12/98 Polaris Amphitheater, Columbus, OH   (Sun)
Truckin'>Other One>Mystery Train, Loose Lucy, Loser, Bruce solo>Blackbirdª, 
Black Muddy Riverª*, FOTDª, WW Limoª, Estimated>Strange Remain^>Samson>
Drumz>Jam>Other One, China Doll>China Cat>Rider
(* = first time played;     ^ = w/ Jorma Kaukonen;     also Hot Tuna, Rusted Root)
7/13/98 Pine Knob Music Theatre, Clarkston, MI   (Mon)
Playin'>Bucket, Scarlet>Fire On The Mountain, Jack-a-Roeª, Masterpieceª, Hound Dog, 
Bird Song, Rainbow's Cadillac>Franklin's*>Drumz>Space>Banyan Tree>Playin'>Wharf Rat>
Throwing Stones>NFA
(* = first time played;     also Hot Tuna, Rusted Root)
7/15/98 Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN   (Wed)
Shakedown>Easy Answers, Ramble On Rose, Down The Road, Mtns. Of The Moonª, 
Queen Jane, Sailor>Saint>Other One>Space>Drumz>Space>The Way It Is>Let It Grow*, 
Uncle John's
(* = first time played;     also Hot Tuna, Rusted Root)
7/16/98 New World Music Theatre, Tinley Park, IL   (Thu)
Truckin'>Jack Straw, Mystery Train, Loose Lucy, Strange Remain, FOTDª, Loser, 
Estimated>Corrina>Drumz>Space>Rainbow's Cadillac>Other One>China Doll>GDTRFB
(also Hot Tuna, Rusted Root)
7/17/98 Riverport Amphitheatre, St. Louis, MO   (Fri)
Good Lovin', Sugaree, Halfstep, Baba Jingo, Goin' Fishin'*^, Rooster*, Tennessee Jed>
Easy Answers>Drumz>Preacher In The Ringº>Across The River, Box Of Rain, 
St. Stephen>The Eleven>Lovelight*
(* = w/ Johnnie Johnson;     ^ = final time played and l.t.p. was 4/13/97)
(º = Bruce and drummers only;     also Hot Tuna, Rusted Root)
7/19/98 Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre, Englewood, CO   (Sun)
Playin'>'Watchtower, Scarlet>Fire On The Mountain, Jack-a-Roeª, Minglewood, 
Down The Road, WW Limo, Bird Song>Samson*>Drumz>Space>Banyan Tree>
Playin'>Wharf Rat>Throwing Stones>NFA
E: Ripple
(* = w/ Kaukonen;     also Hot Tuna, Rusted Root)
7/21/98 Thomas & Mack Center, UNLV, Las Vegas, NV   (Tue)
Shakedown, Ramble On Rose, Dark Star>Jam>West LA>Hound Dog^, Baba Jingo, FOTDª, 
Sailor>Saint>Corrina>Drumz>Bruce solo*>The Way It Is>Uncle John's>Sugar Magnolia
(* = plus Ellis;     ^ = final time played;     also Hot Tuna, Rusted Root)
7/22/98 Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, Irvine, CA   (Wed)
Truckin'>Jam>Jack Straw, Mystery Train^, Loose Lucy, Mtns. Of The Moonª, 
Fields Of Athenryeª*^, Strange Remain, Loser>Estimated>Drumz>Rainbow's Cadillac>
China Cat>Rider>China Doll^>Touch
(* = w/ Dennis McNeil;     ^ = final time played;     also Hot Tuna, Rusted Root)
7/24/98 Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA   (Fri)
Dark Star, Bucket, Scarlet>Fire On The Mountain>Scarlet, Halfstep, Queen Jane, Baba Jingo, 
Tennessee Jed, Bird Song>Other One Jam>Bird Song>Drumz>Space>Let It Grow>
Across The River*>Uncle John's>Box Of Rain>Good Lovin'
(* = final time played;     also Hot Tuna, Rusted Root)
7/25/98 Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA   (Sat)
US Blues%, Playin'>Other One*, Ramble On Rose*, Down The Road*, Jack-a-Roeª%, FOTDª, Aiko*º, China Cat*º>Rider*º>Drumz*º>Preacher In The Ring^, Banyan Tree, Corrina>
Playin'*>Other One*>Wharf Rat*>St. Stephen*>The Eleven*>Lovelight*#
E: Saturday Night>Touch
(* = w/ Billy;     # = w/ Kaukonen;     ^ = Bruce and drummers only;     º = w/o Molo)
(% = final time played;     also Hot Tuna, Rusted Root)
8/7/98 The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA   (Fri)
I: Playin'>Terrapin Jam*>Sugaree, West LA>Mtns. Of The Moonª^
II: Truckin'>Smokestack*>Other One Jam>Halfstep^, Easy Answers>Watchtower>
Other One Jam>Love Supreme Jam^>Other One Jam>Playin'>Box Of Rain^, Cassidy
E: Ripple
(* = first time played w/ Bob;     ^ = final time played)
(º = first time played;     Unbroken Chain Foundation benefit)
(Phil & Friends - Bobby, Phil, Chimenti, Ellis, Prairie Prince, Kimock)
8/8/98 The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA   (Sat)
I: Silent Way Space*>It's Up To You*>Dark Star Jam>Jack Straw, FOTDª, 
Broken Arrow*, Bird Song
II: Shakedown>Unbroken Chain*>Other One>Wheel>Space>Milestones*>Other One>
China Cat>Rider
E: Rolling Stone^
(* = only time played;     ^ = final time played;     Unbroken Chain Foundation benefit)
(Phil & Friends - Bobby, Phil, Chimenti, Ellis, Prairie Prince, Kimock)


Ratdog: September 1998

Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
Rob Wasserman - bass, vocals
Jay Lane - drums, vocals
Jeff Chimenti - keys, vocals
Dave Ellis - saxophone, vocals
Dave McNabb - guitar

ª = Bob on acoustic
æ = Bob switches from acoustic to electric (or vice versa)
¹ = band leaves Bob & Rob
² = band rejoins

9/6/98 Black Oak Ranch, Laytonville, CA   (Sun)
Jam*>Jack Straw, Queen Jane, Walking Blues, Juke, Big Boss Man, Loose Lucy,
Minglewood, Jamº>Bucket>Sailor>Saint>Estimated>Bass Solo, Jam>Samson, 
Sugar Magnolia
E: Touch 
(Matt Kellyís farewell show;     * = w/o Bobby;     º = w/ hints of Two Djinn) 
(12th Annual Hog Farm Labor Day Pig-Nic - emceed by Wavy Gravy)
(also Leftover Salmon, Ozomatli, David Nelson Band, Dan Bern, Hedzoleh Soundz, Ramblin' Jack Elliot) 
9/9/98 4th & B, San Diego, CA   (Wed)
Easy Answers, Schoolgirl, Baby Blue, Bird Song*, Blackbirdª¹, FOTDª, Masterpieceª², 
West LA, All Over Now, Corrina>Bass Solo, Drums>China Cat>Rider>Cassidy 
E: Heaven's Doorª
(soundcheck: Big Boss Man, Rooster, Youngblood, Schoolgirl, Corrina>China Cat>Rider, KC Moanª
(Strangefolk opened;     * = w/ Dark Star riffs)
9/11/98 Slimís, San Francisco, CA   (Fri)
Banyan Tree Jam*>Playin'>Queen Jane, Youngblood>Josephine, KC Moanª¹, Blackbirdª, 
Victimª, Rooster², This Time Forever>Shade Of Grey, Easy To Slip>Supplication Jam>
Watchtower>Easy to Slip>Bass Solo>Jam>Other One>Throwing Stones 
E: Good Lovin' 
(Slimís 10th Anniversary Celebration;     Preacher Boy opened;     * = only time played) 
(soundcheck: She Belongs To Me, Playin'>She Belongs To Me, Jam, Youngblood, Shade Of Grey, Festival, El Paso) 
9/12/98 Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA   (Sat)
Jack Straw, Walking Blues, Fever, Miracle, Bombs Awayª¹, El Pasoª, Shakedown²>
Minglewood, Bucket, Sailor>Saint>Bass Solo, Jam>Estimated>Sugar Magnolia 
E: Saturday Night 
(Strangefolk opened) 
9/14/98 Kingsbury Hall, U. of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT   (Mon)
Easy Answers, Salt Lake City*, Baby Blue, Bird Song, KC Moanª¹, FOTDª, 
LL Rainª², Loose Lucy, Corrina>Bass Solo, Jam>China Cat>Rider 
E: Cassidy 
(* = l.t.p. was 4/13/97;     Strangefolk opened) 
(soundcheck included:  Salt Lake City) 
9/15/98 Elkhorn Plaza, Elkhorn Resort, Sun Valley, ID   (Tue)
Playin'>She Belongs To Me>Playin' Jam>Other One Jam>Winnersª¹, Blackbirdª, 
Heaven Helpª, Schoolgirl², This Time Forever>Shade Of Grey, Easy To Slip>Supplication Jam>
Easy To Slip>Bass Solo>Drums>Jam>Playin'>Other One*>Throwing Stones
E: Wang Dang Doodle^
(^ = l.t.p. as encore was 7/29/96;     * = first verse only;     Strangefolk opened) 
(soundcheck:  Jam, Youngblood, Easy Answers Jam, Corrina Jam, Easy To Slip, Bass Solo)
9/16/98 University Theatre, Fine Arts Building, U. of Montana, Missoula, MT   (Wed)
Jack Straw, Walking Blues>Fever>Miracle>City Girlsª¹>El Pasoª, Masterpieceª², Rooster, 
Shakedown, Bucket>Sailor>Saint>Bass Solo>Drums>Jam>Sugar Magnolia 
E: Heaven's Door
(soundcheck: Easy Answers, Shakedown, Sugar Magnolia, Other One, Masterpiece) 
(Strangefolk opened) 
9/18/98 The Showbox Showroom & Lounge, Seattle, WA   (Fri)
Easy Answers>Salt Lake City>Other One Jam>Baby Blue, Bird Song, KC Moanª¹>FOTDª, 
LL Rainª², Estimated>Corrina>Bass Solo>Drums>Jam>China Cat>Rider 
E: J.B.Goode 
(Strangefolk opened) 
9/19/98 (Swig Field), Osher Marin Jewish Community Center, San Rafael, CA   (Sat)
Bombs Awayª>Walking Bluesª>Twilight Timeª>Blackbirdª>Feverª, KC Moanª, Bird Songª, 
FOTDª, LL Rainª, Winnersª>Easy To Slipª>Supplication Jamª>Easy To Slipª>Bass Solo>
Josephine>Other One>Bury Me Standing Jam^>Other One>Throwing Stones*
E: Saturday Night
(Bob & Rob;    ^ = only time played;     * = dedicated to David [Chase?])
9/20/98 Roseland Theater, Portland, OR   (Sun)
Playin'>Queen Jane, Youngblood>Josephine>Other One Jam>Spanish Jam>Twilight Timeª¹, 
Blackbirdª, Victimª, This Time Forever²>Shade Of Grey, Easy To Slip>Supplication Jam>
Easy To Slip>Samson>Drums, Bass Solo, Playin'>Throwing Stones*
E: Touch 
(* = dedicated to David Chain;     Dave McNabb's final show) 
(soundcheck: Shakedown Jam, Youngblood, Loose Lucy) 
(Strangefolk opened) 
9/26/98 The Odeon, Cleveland, OH   (Sat)
Bass Solo>Walking Blues*, Rollin' & Tumblin'^, Wang Dang Doodleº, Big Boss Man+
(Juke Joint Jam - Bob & Rob;     also: G. Love, Chris Whitley, Sonny Landross, Gov't Mule, 
Joe Louis Walker & Billy Branch, Peter Green & Nigel Walker, Bill Morrissey)
(+ = w/ Joe Louis Walker;     * = w/ Matt Abs & Warren Haynes)
(º = w/ Joe Louis Walker & Billy Branch;     ^ = w/ Allen Woody & Peter Green and only time played)
9/27/98 Severance Hall, Cleveland, OH   (Sun)
KC Moan, Victim>Bury Me Standing*, Walking Blues^
Bobby w/ ABB: One Way Outº
(^ = w/ Jorma & Chris Whitley;    * = first time played;    º = w/ Jorma and final time played)
(Hellbound on My Trail: A Tribute to Robert Johnson and the Blues - Bob & Rob Acoustic)
(also: Taj Mahal, Cassandra Wilson, Keb' Mo', John Hammond, Jimmie Vaughn, ABB)


Ratdog: Fall 1998

Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
Rob Wasserman - bass, vocals
Jay Lane - drums, vocals
Jeff Chimenti - keys, vocals
Mark Karan - guitar, vocals
Dave Ellis - saxophone, vocals

ª = Bob on acoustic
¹ = band leaves Bob & Rob
² = band rejoins
³ = Bob, Rob, and Mark
d = w/ drums

10/23/98 Storyville, San Francisco, CA   (Fri)
Bobby w/ Ellis Quartet: Terrapin Jam
(Dave Ellis, Jeff Chimenti, Deszon Claiborne, Peter Barshay)
10/29/98 The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV   (Thu)
Walking Blues>TMTTR, Playin'> Queen Jane, Blackbirdª¹, KC Moanª, Victimª, El Pasoª³, 
Masterpieceª², Loose Lucy, Minglewood, Easy To Slip>Supplication Jam>Easy To Slip, 
Bass Solo, China Cat>Rider 
E1: J.B.Goode 
E2: Heaven's Door
(entire show w/o Chimenti and Ellis)
10/31/98 Paramount Theatre, Denver, CO   (Sat)
Bass Solo>Jack Straw, Easy Answers, All Over Now, Blackbirdª¹>Winnersª, FOTDª*, 
Desolation Rowª²*^, Rooster, Sailor>Saint>Drums>Bass Solo>Other One>Cassidy
E: Saturday Night
(* = w/ Sherri Jackson;     ^ = l.t.p. was 10/22/97;     Sherri Jackson opened)
11/2/98 State Theatre, Minneapolis, MN   (Mon)
Bass Solo>Shakedown Street, Walking Blues, Miracle>Wang Dang Doodle, KC Moanª³, 
El Pasoª³, Minglewood², Bird Song, This TimeForever>Shade Of Grey>Jam*>Easy To Slip>
Supplication Jam>Bass Solo>Corrina 
E: Heaven's Door
(* = Rob & Ellis only;     Alana Davis opened)
11/3/98 Riverside Theatre, Milwaukee, WI   (Tue)
Bass Solo>Jack Straw, TMTTR, Schoolgirl, Josephine>Fever>The Preacher Jam>Josephine, 
Artificial Flowersª¹, Heaven Helpª, West LA², LL Rain>Bass Solo (w/ keys)>Estimated>Other One>
Spanish Jam>Other One>Sugar Magnolia
E: Touch
(Alana Davis opened)
11/4/98 Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL   (Wed)
Bass Solo>Jam>Bucket, Salt Lake City, Playin'>Watchtower>Queen Jane, Blackbirdª¹>Victimª, 
Masterpieceª², Jam>Loose Lucy>Jam>Playin'>Drums, China Cat>Rider 
(Alana Davis opened)
11/6/98 Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH   (Fri)
Bass Solo>Easy Answers>Bombs Away*, Baby Blue, Youngblood, All Over Now, Blackbirdª¹, 
Winnersª, LL Rainª², Rooster, Sailor>Saint>Other One^>Drums>Throwing Stones 
E: J.B.Goode
(* = l.t.p. electric was 4/13/97;     ^ = first verse only;     Alana Davis opened) 
11/7/98 State Theatre, Detroit, MI   (Sat)
Bass Solo>Shakedown, Walking Blues>Miracle>Wang Dang Doodle, She Belongs To Me, 
Artificial Flowersª³, Eternityª, FOTDª³, Minglewood², Bird Song, Easy To Slip>
Supplication Jam>Estimated>Corrina 
E: Saturday Night
(Alana Davis opened) 
11/9/98 Egyptian Room, Murat Corinthian Hall, Indianapolis, IN   (Mon)
Bass Solo>Jack Straw>TMTTR, Schoolgirl, Josephine>Wrong Way Feeling^, KC Moanª¹, El Pasoª³>
Desolation Rowª², West LA*, LL Rain*>Other One Jam* >Drumsº>Cassidy 
E: Sugar Magnolia
(* = w/ Al Schnier;     ^ = l.t.p. was 7/28/91;     º = initially w/ sax;     Alana Davis opened) 
11/10/98 Cleveland Music Hall, Cleveland, OH   (Tue)
Bass Solo, Jam>Bucket, Salt Lake City, Playin'>Queen Jane>Blackbirdª¹>Victimª, Loose Lucy², 
This Time Forever>Shade Of Grey>Easy To Slip>Supplication Jam>Drums>China Cat>Rider 
E: Touch
(Alana Davis opened)
11/11/98 Sideshow Music Hall, Lackawanna, NY   (Wed)
Bass Solo>Easy Answers>Bombs Away, Youngblood, Baby Blue, All Over Now, BT Windª³, Winnersª, 
Heaven Helpª, LL Rainª², Rooster, Sailor>Saint>Drums>Two Djinn Jam*>Throwing Stones 
E: Heaven's Door
(* = first time played;     Alana Davis opened)
11/13/98 Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA   (Fri)
Bass Solo>Shakedown, Walking Blues>Miracle>Wang Dang Doodle, Artificial Flowersª¹, 
Eternityª, FOTDª³, Minglewood, Jam>Bird Song, Estimated>Corrina 
E: Drums>Lovelight
(soundcheck: Jam, Estimated, Lovelight, Corrina, Wrong Way Feeling, Eternity) 
(Alana Davis opened) 
11/14/98 Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA   (Sat)
Bass Solo, St. Stephen Jam*>Jack Straw>TMTTR>Schoolgirl>Fever>The Preacher Jam, 
Wrong Way Feeling, KC Moan, El Paso, Masterpiece, West LA>LL Rain>
Bass Solo (w/ drums)>Jam>Other One>Spanish Jam>Other One>Cassidy 
E: Saturday Night
(* = first time played (maybe 10/31/98);     Alana Davis opened)
11/15/98 Mair Hall, Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, NY   (Sun)
Bass Solo>Jam>You May Never Know Jam*>Bucket, Salt Lake City, Playin'>
Queen Jane, Blackbirdª¹, Victimª, Loose Lucy², This Time Forever>Shade Of Grey>
Easy To Slip>Supplication Jam>Drums (w/ keys)>Samson, Sugar Magnolia
E: Touch
(* = final time played;     Alana Davis opened)
11/17/98 Hammerstein Ballroom at the Manhattan Center, New York, NY   (Tue)
Bass Solo>Easy Answers, Bombs Away>Baby Blue, Youngblood*, All Over Now, BT Windª³, 
Artificial Flowersª, Victimª, Bass Solo>Rooster², Sailor>Saint>Drums>Other One>China Cat>Rider 
E: J.B.Goode
(* = final time played;     Bury Me Standing tease before Victim;     Alana Davis opened)
11/18/98 State Theatre, New Brunswick, NJ   (Wed)
Bass Solo>Jam>Shakedown>Walking Blues>Miracle>Wang Dang Doodle, KC Moanª¹, 
Eternityª, FOTDª³, Minglewood², Bird Song>Estimated>Jam, Throwing Stones 
E: Heaven's Door
(Alana Davis opened)
11/19/98 John M. Greene Hall, Smith College, Northampton, MA   (Thu)
Bass Solo>Jack Straw, TMTTR, Schoolgirl, Josephine>The Preacher Jam>Josephine, 
Wrong Way Feeling, Winnersª¹, Blackbirdª,  Masterpieceª², West LA>Other One Jam>
Drums>Corrina Jam*>Two Djinn Jam>Corrina 
(* = only time played;     Alana Davis opened) 
11/21/98 State Theatre, Portland, ME   (Sat)
Bass Solo, Bass Solod>Bucket, Salt Lake City>Playin'>She Belongs To Me, 
Festivalª¹*>KC Moanª, BT Windª>Heaven Helpª, Bass Solo>Loose Lucy², 
This Time Forever>Shade Of Grey>Easy To Slip>Supplication Jam>Easy To Slip, 
Drums, Cassidy 
E: Saturday Night
(* = aborted due to forgotten words;     Alana Davis opened)
11/22/98 Grand Cayman Ballroom, Trump Marina Hotel Casino, Atlantic City, NJ   (Sun)
Bass Solo>Easy Answers>Fever>The Preacher Jam*>Fever, Queen Jane, All Over Now, 
Festivalª¹, Victimª, Memphis Bluesª², Rooster, Sailor>Saint>Drums>Samson, Sugar Magnolia
E: Touch
(* = final time played;     Alana Davis opened) 
11/23/98 Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA   (Mon)
Bass Solo>Shakedown, Walking Blues>Miracle>Wang Dang Doodle, KC Moanª¹, Eternityª, FOTDª³, 
Minglewood, Bird Song>Estimated>Jam>China Cat>Rider 
E: J.B.Goode
(soundcheck: Jam, Estimated, Jam, FOTD;     Alana Davis opened) 
11/24/98 Birchmere Music Hall, Alexandria, VA   (Tue)
Bobby w/ Hot Tuna*: Walking Blues, Rider, Baby What You Want^
E: Pretty Little Babyº
(* = w/ Mark Karan;     ^ = l.t.p. was 11/20/94;     º = only time played)
11/25/98 The Ballroom, Washington, DC   (Wed)
Bass Solo>St. Stephen Jam>Jack Straw, Schoolgirl, Playin'>Wrong Way Feeling, Blackbirdª¹, El Pasoª³,
Masterpieceª², West LA, Shade Of Grey^>Easy To Slip, Jam>Other One>Two Djinn Jam>Corrina>
Throwing Stones 
E: Touch 
(^ = l.t.p. w/o This Time Forever was 7/2/96;     Alana Davis opened) 
(soundcheck: Jam, Youngblood, Two Djinn Jam>Corrina, Rainy Day Women, Corrina>Throwing Stones, El Paso) 
12/10/98 Mateel Community Center, Redway CA   (Thu)
Walking Bluesª>Baby Blueª, KC Moanª, Blackbirdª, El Pasoª, All Over Nowª, West LAª, Cassidyª
Bobby w/ Planet Drum: some tune*, Aiko>NFA
(Forest Aid -  Benefit for Forest Activism in Honor of One Year Anniversary of the Luna Tree Sit - Bob, Mark, & Kimock Acoustic)
(* = w/ Julia Butterfly and first time played;    also: Alice DiMicelli, KVHW, Planet Drum)
12/19/98 Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley CA   (Sat)
KC Moan, Walking Blues*, Minglewood^, Saturday Night
all-star acapella enc.: Amazing Graceº
(Blues Against Blindness - Bob & Rob;     emceed byWavy Gravy)
(* = w/ Kaukonen & Musselwhite;     ^ = w/ Musselwhite;     º = final time played)
(also: Roy Rogers & Shana Morrison:, Musselwhite, Joe Louis Walker & Big Bones, Kaukonen & Falzarano & Sears, Muldaur, Hornsby)
12/31/98 Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland, CA   (Thu)
I: Bass Solo>Playin'>Queen Jane, Sailor, Bury Me Standing>Cassidy, 
China Cat>Rider>Lovelight 
Bobby w/ Planet Drum: some tune^
II#: Drumz (w/ parade), Drumzº>countdown>Sugar Magnolia, Midnight Hour%
Strange Remain+, GDTRFB¥, FOTDªº, Walking Blues§, J.B.Goode§¢>Good Lovin'#
(# = Bob, Rob, Mickey, Ellis, Karan, Chimenti, Kimock, Molo)
(º = w/ Michael Kang;     % = Kaukonen & Cassidy join, Rob and Kimmock leave, and l.t.p. was 7/3/97)
(+ = w/ Planet Drum members;    ¥ = w/ Falzarano, w/o Ellis)
(§ = w/ Sears, w/o Chimenti;     ¢ = Kimock returns)
(^ = w/ Julia Butterfly & Santana and final time played)
(A Cryptical Development - also: KVHW, Planet Drum, Hot Tuna, String Cheese Incident) 

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