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Canada Crewin Industry Company Co. Ltd. was invested by Zhejiang Giant Eagle Group, serves as one of its subsidiaries, operates its Clothing, Import/Export, and Investing businesses in North America. Zhejiang Giant Eagle Group is a leading manufacturer in China offering knitted apparels, socks and other clothing accessories for men, women, and children. As a subsidiary, Canada Crewin is wholly supported by the headquarters in China, having priorities on price and production over other branches. But as an oversea division, Canada Crewin has its own independent rights on marketing, sales, development of products, and other international trading affairs.

The Giant Eagle group (full name: Zhejiang Giant Eagle Group Co., Ltd), with 52 years history, located in Ningbo City ( 3 hour drive to Shanghai), Zhejiang province, is a large comprehensive private enterprise offering clothing and fashion accessories, is a leading manufacturer of knitted apparels in China, it maintains 6,200 employees worldwide, and holds CAD $125 million in assets. Besides its main branch, five operating companies in China's major cities and nine factories in China, it has four companies among European counties, and one division in Australia.
The Giant Eagle has a coordinated knitting process, owns all assemble lines and factories for weaving, dyeing, sewing, bleaching, screen-print, embroidering, ready-made-cloth and design, with annual producing ability reaching to 10 million dozen.

  • Sourcing
    we choose the best materials from both domestic suppliers and international ones.
  • Production
    With the completion of "Knitting Mills Area", we will become one of the biggest and finest knitted apparels manufacturing bases in China.
  • Marketing
    we welcome customers in various types, and focus on long term relationships.
  • Distribution
    our knitted apparels have been sold to Japan, the U.S.A., Australia, Europe, South America, the Middle East, Hong Kong and many other countries and regions.
  • Sales
    we are looking forward to receiving good outcomes from North America's Market.



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