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You do know you should be 18 years old or over to read a lot of the stories I've got on this site? You do! Oh good, so if you're old enough, pull up a comfy chair and let me tell you a story or two...

What's in store for you here?

I have a fair sellection of stories to share, mostly slash, but not all. I hope I have something for most tastes, so do check them out. Also, I have separated them out, just to make life a little easier for you. We have several different shows covered with this lot; Hercules & Xena, Lawless (a New Zealand cop show), Buffy & Angel, and Star Trek: Voyager. I expect most will be readily recognized by most of you, except possibly the aforementioned Lawless. So a word about that will be given to head up the Lawless selection of stories. And, finally, a new (to me) fandom - Harry Potter makes a grand debut (I hope) on this page.

There will be several links to other places, things to read, sites to visit, that sort of thing. And now, on with the show! (Or rather shows...)

A general disclaimer: I do not intend to infringe on anyone's copyright to any show about which I may produce fan fiction. On the contrary, I do this because I love these shows and had stories to tell - nothing more, no sinister plots or schemes. Just a little fiction I hope people will read and enjoy. Or read and cry, where appropriate.


 Fiction last updated: 01 Oct. 2001 / Page redesigned: 03 Feb. 2002

New fics have been noted in red, all you have to do is search them out! There are 7 of them this time. In the Herc-Xena (2) and the Buffy-Angel (5) sections. There's even a new pic link up - with one of the Herc fics - so look out for that too! Something for everyone - I hope!

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Harry Potter (new page! Gosh wow!!)


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